God or Man? Christopher Cantwell Talks Upcoming Iron Man Run

Christopher Cantwell (you know, the good one who co-created Halt and Catch Fire) is taking over as the ongoing Iron Man writer in September where, according to Marvel, he will "usher in a new age" of Tony Stark. The last decade has seen some of comics' biggest writers breaking Tony down and seeing how he ticks. From Matt Fraction doing that quite literally to Kieron Gillen's Stark exploration, to Brian Michael Bendis's search about what it means to be Iron Man by having multiple different characters in multiple different titles take on the mantle, identity crises seem to be a popular go-to with Tony Stark. Now, Cantwell joins the ranks of writers that have taken a deep dive into the mind of Marvel's most iconic genius.

Christopher Cantwell is relaunching Iron Man in September. Credit: Marvel Comics
Christopher Cantwell is relaunching Iron Man in September. Credit: Marvel Comics

Cantwell spoke about his upcoming Iron Man run with Marvel.com host Angélique Roché, speaking on what effect Tony's god-like ego may have on his heroism:

"He's a man who thinks he's a god and a god who wants to be a man. That to me boils down the conflict of the character. Tony's ego has always been a major problem for him in his life. The book really starts with Tony taking a look at himself: 'Who am I really? Who is Iron Man? I want to be a hero again, what does that mean?'"

Notably, the Iron Man suit is getting a redesign by legendary comics painter Alex Ross. Cantwell said, of Ross's contribution to the run:

"When it comes to working with someone like Alex, I mean, that's someone who as a Spider-Man fan when I was a kid, and then I saw his work in Marvels [and I] still remember the gloss film of Spider-Man's costumed eye and how incredible that was. To have him suddenly step in, design the armor, and do our cover, it's a dream come true."

The cover in question, pictured above, is a wraparound done in Alex Ross's trademark, hyper-detailed, painterly style.

Written by Christopher Cantwell with art by CAFU and Frank A'Armata, Iron Man relaunches with a new #1 in September.

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