Has Aubrey Sitterson Sold Out to Marvel? Bleeding Cool Investigates

Acclaimed comic book writer Aubrey Sitterson is known for his rugged good looks and extreme leftist politics but is the co-creator of No One Left to Fight and The Comic Book Story of Pro Wrestling, planning to grow a neckbeard, don a fedora, and get a job working at Marvel comics?! It seems unlikely, as working for an organization as corrupt and ultra-capitalist as Marvel would seem to fly in the face of everything he claims to stand for! Nevertheless, we believe that a vital piece of evidence may convince you that Sitterson may soon give up saying "amen brother" and replace it with "excelsior," "face front, true believers," and "this super-mega-crossover event will rock the Marvel Universe to its foundations leaving nothing the same again!"

Comic book creator Aubrey Sitterson
Comic book creator Aubrey Sitterson

Of course, about this time, you may be saying to yourself, "didn't Aubrey Sitterson work for Marvel before?" And yes, that's true. But that was before he became a superstar writer of creator-owned comics. You can't fault someone for trying to make a living. But Sitterson doesn't need Marvel these days, so if he's planning to return, the only possible motive is sheer unadulterated greed! But if Sitterson isn't planning to join Marvel Comics and donate half his salary to Donald Trump's reelection campaign like Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter, then what can he possibly mean by this tweet?! Hmmmmm?!

Yes, that is a Power Man and Iron Fist comic Sitterson posted with the caption "FOURTEEN DAYS." And yes, okay, maybe it does seem like we've accused an innocent comic book creator of treason over a tweet that could really mean anything. But what happened in Power Man and Iron Fist #54? That's right; it's when Heroes for Hire was first formed. And what do Heroes for Hire do? They do work for hire! Just like all the creators at Marvel! Busted!

Sure, we could be wrong about this. It's rare, but it happens sometimes. Maybe we're completely off the mark, and we've ruined Aubrey's socialist reputation for no reason. If so, we promise to sheepishly report on whatever Sitterson is planning to announce in fourteen days and pretend none of this ever happened.

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