How To Make A Cover – Think Tank #13



This is the cover to Think Tank #13 by Rahsan Ekedal. He shares his process, and reference for colour, in this email to Top Cow.

Hi guys, here are the inks for the #13 cover. My color notes are below and reference is attached:

– The hexagons in the background should be glowing lights that look like the scanners in the medical laboratory reference photo 01
– The background should be dark, almost black even but with some subtle texture – moody, surreal
– The foreground equipment (the screens and the circular object) should look like the stuff in reference photos 01 and 02
– The SEAL is wearing the sort of camo BDUs seen in Zero Dark Thirty, with a desert camo pattern on the shoulders, arms, and back, and then a flat tan color on the chest and stomach and on the front of the biceps and back of the triceps. See reference photos 03-05
– The SEAL is African-American

Reference01Reference021134604 - Zero Dark ThirtyReference04Reference05

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