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Thinking About Think Tank
I read Think Tank volume four (subtitled Creative Destruction) recently Think Tank, a comic about a DARPA-employed scientist called Dr David Loren growing a conscience while playing with the toys of the U.S military has five collections, and while I haven't read volume five yet; I've read the first four. The cover of Think Tank[...]
Top Cow Teams With Humble Bundle For Science And Sex
The collection features some of Top Cow's more recent and best-selling titles including Sunstone, Aphrodite IX, Think Tank, Symmetry and more And part of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) and WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) You can check out the bundle here. The first tier of the[...]
Think Tank: Animal #1 – Cutting Edge Technology Gets Scarier And Scarier
Think Tank is a Top Cow title created by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal It focuses on Doctor David Loren, a genius who was recruited by DARPA at the age of 14 to build weapons for the government Loren to feel the guilt from his actions and refused to build any more killing machines, acting[...]
Matt Hawkins Addresses The State Of Top Cow
Both series have ended and replaced by titles like Think Tank, Sunstone and Tales of Honor That's because the company sees the industry growing in new ways This is the same thing it did back in 1995 when it was obvious that the superhero scene was dominated by Marvel and DC Books like Cyberforce that[...]
The Rise Of Eden's Fall – Matt Hawkins Talks Top Cow Crossover
This crossover pulls together Think Tank, Postal and The Tithe, three comics grounded in a very real feeling universe Matt Hawkins has been creator / co-creator on all three of the titles and I got a chance to speak with him about bringing these three very unique books together into Eden's Fall. DAN WICKLINE: One of Top[...]
Eden's Fall Is Coming – Read Think Tank #1 For Free
Three different non-superhero titles: Think Tank, The Tithe and Postal Each title was created by Matt Hawkins (co-creating the first two with Rahsan Ekedal) and come together in a tale of revenge and consequence. To help promote the new series, the publisher has sent us the first issue of the three series that feed the new[...]
The Art Of Rahsan Ekedal
The new offering form Top Cow features the artists work from books like Echoes, Think Tank and The Tithe along with non-Top Cow books like Creepy and Solomon Kane It's in the same format as the 25th anniversary Art of Witchblade hardcover the publisher put out. I've gotten to see the whole book and it is[...]
Quantum Cryptography And Long Distance Relationships
Tomorrow sees the release of the next installment of Top Cow's return to the genius world of David Loren and the TALOS Project. Think Tank: Creative Destruction #2 is by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal and focuses on the vulnerable U.S infrastructure that the government is doing almost nothing to address. THINK TANK: CREATIVE DESTRUCTION #2 Story By:[...]
Hawkins And Ekedal Return To Think Tank With New Color Series
Think Tank is one of the smartest science fiction titles on the market This April, the Top Cow series from Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal returns with Think Tank: Creative Destruction #1 The new story arc, now in color, deals with the U.S infrastructure (electric grid, water, roads, etc) and how vulnerable we are… it[...]
Are You Ready For Top Cow's Critically Acclaimed Series Think Tank This September?
From Image Comics, bestselling writer Matt Hawkins (Tales of Honor) and artist Rahsan Ekedal comes Think Tank: Creative Destruction #1 The story centers on an unknown enemy who savages the technological infrastructure of the US Panic and conspiracy theories spread as David Loren and his misfit science team continue work on the TALOS project, trying[...]
Are Think Tank And Postal Being Made Into TV Shows?
And both written by Hawkins. A copy of the standard Postal #1 sold on eBay yesterday for $2.60 after two bids while a copy of Think Tank #1 went for $5 For now.. Matt Hawkins of Top Cow posts on Facebook, // Well, well, so it seems we'll have not ONE but TWO announcements for TV series[...]