I Think I Am Going To Have To Organise A Cerebus Exhibition


Recently I showed you what contributors to the Cerebus Archive Kickstarter Fund got for their donation towards Dave Sim's remastering of Cerebus from the original art pages where possible,  as well as his own "Artists Edtion" version of Cerebus, recreating the orignal pages, and a number of bonus prints as well.

And this is what I got for doing so. I have run a number of Kickstarter Fails of late. This is a Kickstarter Excel.

After surgery, and undergoing physiotherapy for pain to his right hand, Dave Sim talks through what successful bidders can expect for the successful Kickstarter Volume Three.


And here's what we got for Two…. add this to one, and I should run an exhibition of this somewhere, sometime. It's certainly of exhibition quality….
IMG_20150401_192238740 IMG_20150401_193515424 IMG_20150401_193511111 IMG_20150401_193507029 IMG_20150401_193501720 IMG_20150401_193458135 IMG_20150401_193453253 IMG_20150401_193446931 IMG_20150401_193434896 IMG_20150401_193240808 IMG_20150401_193231518 IMG_20150401_193224569 IMG_20150401_193217107 IMG_20150401_192825168 IMG_20150401_192819210 IMG_20150401_192815470 IMG_20150401_192811557 IMG_20150401_192807005 IMG_20150401_192749734 IMG_20150401_192313376 IMG_20150401_192300048

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