IDW Rocks Comic Con With Galaxy Quest, Edward Scissorhands And More

Peter Svensson reporting from the IDW Panel. We have separate stories about two of the announcement but here is Peter's full report. 

Dirk Wood, IDW PR.
Chris Ryall, EIC and one snazzy dude.
Jonathan Maberry – writer of V-Wars.
Gabriel Rodriguez – artist on the upcoming Little Nemo, formerly Locke and Key.
Graham Nolan – classic Batman artist.
Scott Tipton – Writes Star Trek.
Sarah Gaydos – Editor.

Dirk announces the panel. Ryall asks for a round of applause for Inkpot award winning Graham Nolan. It is gladly given.

Dirk wants to leave as much time for Q&A as possible, but they put out about 80 books a month.

Con Exclusive TMNT version to be given away with Trivia.

TMNT teaming up with Ghostbusters. None of the creators are currently here at a con. The Ghostbusters ongoing is ending, the creative team is going to be doing TMNT with Tom Waltz.

The two of them then enter immediately.

Tom: Busting ghosts? This is the ultimate crossover for us, two iconic properties, 30th anniversary at the same time, same creative teams from the books, stories that fall into the current canon. The Turtles are trying to build a teleporter, the first test and the teleporter and it doesn't go the way it wanted to. They end up in the Ghostbusters' world. Once the Turtles get over there, they end up in a best of both series combined in one effort, and find a way back to their New York. Tom has worked with Erik (an underrated talent said Peter) for years now.


Chris: You've written both properties. Thoughts?

Erik: Venkman and Michelangelo are easiest to write.

Tom plotted it out, once Erik did a first draft of the script, different nuances, he felt really good about where it's going. How iconic are Ghostbusters and Turtles, they mesh well together. But this is the kinda thing, hoping after this mini that there's goodwill and hope for the future.

Gabriel Rodriguez, which comic series did he get his start. I am disqualified from answering CSI, (the right answer), and Ryall has to pretty much give it away.

StarTrek-PlanetOfTheApes-01Big company crossover. IDW BOOM STAR TREK AND PLANET OF THE APES!

Tipton loves classic Planet of the Apes, and classic Trek, and you can't get a credit card to fit in between the timeline of the original films, but he thinks he got it to fit.

Scott Tipton and David Tipton, Rachel Stott artist. Perez cover. Tone Rodriguez and more on cover.
Dirk: Kirk saying "YOU DAMN DIRTY APES!" in the series?
Scott: There's five issues!

Star Trek special: Flesh and Stone.
Scott: Folks at X-Prize, a tech organization wanting to build a real life Tricorder, for this comic they wanted to unite all the Star Trek doctors, using Tricorders of course.

(That already came out. BTW)

Nacho Arranz on art. Jan 2015.
Tom Waltz: IDW has had the title for a while, and did a series in the past, so getting Burnham on the book for a four issue mini made sense. It's in the spirit of Galaxy Quest the movie, the studio considers it set in canon.

V-Wars harkens back to what IDW did well with 30 Days of Night.

Rot and Ruin comics. Based on his novels, Johnathan Maberry tells a story about 15 years after the zombie apocalypse, and the kids grew up and expect to have a future. Comic will be set between books 2 and 3, not a straight adaptation. Having a blast doing it. Technically for teens, but I'm writing them for me.

Tony Vargas art. Alex Ronald, Ryan Brown covers. September 2014.

Rot and Ruin is going to be a movie, Heath Collin producing. He's here, and explains that he and his partners want to produce into a movie.

Jonathan writes a lot of prose novels, but still has time to write the comics based on his stuff. That he's now moved to the San Diego area (Del Mar to be specific) makes it easier for him to work with IDW, who are also local.

V-Wars. Joe Ledger of Maberry's thriller series, will make a comic debut in the V-Wars comic, violence and sarcasm will ensue. That character was optioned for television, the folks who did the Equalizer film. The Joe Ledger appearance was odd because those worlds were separate before.

EdwardScissorhands-01Edward Scissorhands. Already announced, Sarah Gaydos as editor. Kate Leth writing, Drew Rausch artist, with a ton of covers by Gabriel Rodriguez, Gabriel Hardman, Kevin Wada.

This is not a sequel, these are stories set in that world. The Grandmother talking to granddaughter, this is the granddaughter, it is years later, people have forgotten about Edward, the point where this girl, notices the strange things happening in her town. A teen girl mystery, Edward Scissorhands-style.

Chris: Gabriel, would you like to draw those elaborate scissors on every page?
Gabriel seriously answered about how the film impacted him in his youth, and he was glad to get to contribute a cover.

Film is young adult, but still on the upper end of that. Drew captures that vibe, said Gaydos.

GPK-BaggeGarbage Pail Kids. Lots of different creators, kick this off with someone who encapsulates it. Peter Bagge did a first cover image. Comic-Con Ron. Lots of different alternative comic artists will be working on a slightly transgressive work.

Orphan Black. March 2015. As already announced.

Announced Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a few years ago, and now they are ready, some preview art. Troy Little, fresh off of Power Puff Girls will be adapting the novel.

Sarah Gaydos: That's a crossover!

Graham Nolan… why is he here? Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan doing Joe Frankenstein at IDW. Nolan gets to do a comic with monsters, this boy Joe who has been bounced around foster homes, he gets attacked by vampires, gets saved by a big guy in a coat, it's the Frankenstein Monster, Joe is the last heir of the Frankenstein legacy. His DNA has the key to eternal life, so the Bride is trying to get them together so she can get eternal life, which she's been faking.

ShadowShow-01Ray Bradbury. Shadow Show, a tribute to Bradbury adapting the short story anthology into the comics. Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella are adapting, with Charles Paul Wilson III art, and a Gabriel Rodriguez cover. Issue 2, Neil Gaiman story with Eddie Campbell adapting. December 2014 for issue 2. Issue 3 Harlan Ellison and Hubert Daniel.

Ryall/Ashley Wood project, Zombies vs Robots ongoing in January 2015. Created a line of characters with no arcs, no development, so let's keep it going! A ro-boot if you will. (everyone boos. deservedly so.) Not scrapping anything, it picks up where others left off.

Q: Kiss Kids?
A: I hope we can do more, said Ryall.

Q: Which Transformer which IDW transformer appeared int eh film.
I know this, and it's painful that I can't win this.
It's Drift!

At this point my laptop died. So here's the rest of the panel from my notes.

I asked about Erik Burnham getting to do more Johnny Bravo, as his one-shot recently was great!
Fans love Gabriel Rodriguez's art!
Judge Dredd ongoing continues apace! He'll become a fugitive!
Scott Tipton realized someone was live tweeting, since his twitter account had just exploded, and wanted to know who broke the news. I took a bow.
TMNT/Samurai Jack crossover? If the licensing could work out, it'd be fantastic.
Dave Sim's new IDW book continues to develop at Sim's own pace.

And that was IDW!

Peter S. Svensson will be competing at the Pro/Fan Trivia contest on Sunday 4:00 PM. He's also a staff member of Power Morphicon, which has a booth on the floor #1000!

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