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Galaxy Quest
When Galaxy Quest came out in 1999, it offered an original story from the rare perspective of fandom The film combines elements of Star Trek and comedy into its original hybrid science fiction story It follows the cast of a fictional TV-show in the 1970s doing another convention to stay relevant The cast find themselves[...]
Galaxy Quest
First and foremost: YES, the Galaxy Quest tv series is still happening at some point, at least according to Paul Scheer. The long-rumored series suffered some setbacks when Paramount Television exec Amy Powell was fired, and little to almost nothing new has been gleaned about the series since then. Thankfully, Scheer just guested on the Shoot This Now podcast and offered[...]
Galaxy Quest TV Series
That Galaxy Quest Amazon Studios TV show apparently has their first script done Despite multiple starts and stops over the last several years after being floated around, the project is finally gaining steam. Actor/writer Paul Scheer (Veep, Wet Hot American Summer 10 Years Later) is writing the Galaxy Quest series for Amazon Studios, and spoke a little bit about what[...]
The Orville
The other side contains not-Star-Trek-but-mostly-Star-Trek FOX series The Orville from Seth MacFarlane and co. The Orville on the surface is what we keep saying it is, Galaxy Quest-esque in its loving take on all things Trek, but something more serious too I talked about my first impressions of the cast and crew at length in this piece from[...]
Galaxy Quest TV Series
The Amazon planned revival of Galaxy Quest is back on track after a year-plus delay The TV continuation of the 1999 sci-fi comedy has picked back up according to and has writer/comedian Paul Scheer (The League) attached to write the script He replaces Robert Gordon who penned the original film Galaxy Quest has become a[...]
Unboxing December 2015's Loot Crate, Galaxy – Star Wars, Halo 5, Galaxy Quest
Star Wars, Halo, Galaxy Quest ( Teh December Loot Crate has arrived! And here, for you lucky people, is what's inside No comic, but a shirt, a Pop and more… the January crate is now taking orders (use BLEEDINGCOOL as a code for extra discount). can't be[...]
IDW Rocks Comic Con With Galaxy Quest, Edward Scissorhands And More
BTW) GALAXY QUEST WRITTEN BY ERIK BURNHAM! OH YEAH! Nacho Arranz on art Jan 2015. Tom Waltz: IDW has had the title for a while, and did a series in the past, so getting Burnham on the book for a four issue mini made sense It's in the spirit of Galaxy Quest the movie, the studio considers it[...]