If You Had The Power To Change History, Would You? The Legend Of Novo Needs Your Support To Make History!

Amir Avitzur writes for Bleeding Cool:

Novo1Hello All

My name is Amir Avitzur and I am the creator of the Legend of Novo. Thirty five years ago, I received my first comic book (Tarzan). I still remember my curiosity and excitement when I held it in my hands. I was hooked. I was inspired. Heck, I still am! Writing and producing a comic book was a dream of mine ever since.

I had done quite a bit throughout my life. I had my share of successes and a few failures, or as people like to call them "learnings". However, I never truly pursued my childhood dream. I never had the courage to go ahead and write a comic book. You know, I had many excuses, I had many obligations. I had too many reasons why not to.

It's an interesting position to be in. How does one overcome the logic and follow the heart.

So my plan was to fight logic with logic…

It was a 3 step plan (as any logical plan should be):

Step 1:

Go back to my homeland, find and buy the comic book that started it all for me, and see if it is all just a dream of past feelings or do I really like, am I still inspired?

So I took off 6 months ago, it took me a while. At the end I found the comic book as part of an old lady's estate sale. It was not in great shape but when I saw it, wow, it was like having a flashback. I felt it again, I felt the excitement. I had to contain myself, otherwise I would have paid 10 times the amount the lady requested…

Here's the book:


Step 2:

Write the story and see if you are excited by it, thrilled to see how it ends…It took me several months, I had all these ideas but I had to make sure it is a great story, a story I would read more than once, more than twice. A great story! So I decided it requires more than one book and it turns out that this story I had in my mind for all those years can fill an entire comic book series. I was thrilled.

Step 3:

Find an illustrator, I have to say that this was easier than planned. I was working with a very talented illustrator on a small business blog I was writing for a year now (Sage did the comic strips) and he agreed and was excited to be part of the venture.

So there I was. I had the logical backing I needed. I had a great story, I had a very talented illustrator so what do I do next?

I wanted to get the validation, I wanted to see if more people believe and can support my dream, so I started 18 days ago my Kickstarter campaign.


A few words about the story –

If you had the power to change history, would you?

The Legend of Novo book series is about ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. It is a story of time traveling and the power to observe humanity's past mistakes at the risk of creating new ones. The first book is about Ashley's journey back in time to the era of fear and witch-hunting in Europe, an era where common logic was not really…well…very common, confronting the inevitable question: if you had the power to change history, would you?

I believe the Legend of Novo will change my history and maybe the history of its readers!

I feel very grateful for the 120 plus backers and the $6,000 I already raised. I am getting close but not there yet. I heard so much about Bleeding Cool and I wanted to see if my story is cool enough, so here I am putting my story and my book on display for you to judge J

There are only 12 more days to make my thirty five year dream a reality. I believe in The Legend of Novo and now I need you!

Now for the fun part…if we can make what many naysayers think as achieving the impossible…If the project reaches $10,000 by the end of this weekend, I will create and include in the book an exclusive (for Kickstarter backers only) 3 page story about Ashley's past…before her visit to the library, to all backers as well as deliver an amazing Legend of Novo bookmark to everyone who donated $25 or more.

Maybe a few parting words, for all who are thinking about writing and never found the time, place, idea, support or courage, I would like to say: Ignore the nonbelievers, the naysayers, the doubters, the ones who want you to live a small life. There is a legend inside each one of us. Find your legend!

Thank you!!!


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