Is Everyone Sick Of The Multiverse? (Infinite Frontier #3 Spoilers)

The concept of the multiverse entered superhero comic books with The Flash Of Two Worlds and began an annual meeting of the Justice Society Of America of Earth-Two and the Justice League Of America of Earth-One. Earth-3 brought in the Justice League as bad guys, which was all sorts of fun. Crisis took it away, but it kept finding its way back with Infinite Crises, Flashpoints, New 52s, and Convergences, most recently with Metal and Death Metal showering alternate Batmen across the DC Universe. While at Marvel, What If was a mainstay and Mark Gruenwald had his own multiverse rules, but it was Alan Moore who weaponised it, with the Captain Britain Corps leading the way that would bring us, courtesy of Chris Claremont, Dan Slott and Jonathan Hickman to The Council of Reed Richards, Spider-Verse, Spider-Gwen, Secret Wars and the current Marvel multiverse with Heroes Reborn giving us a Council of Mephistos as well. Now it has infected TV and movies. first with the CW shows, then the upcoming Flash and Batman movies, while Marvel has Loki, the upcoming Multiverse Of Madness and No Way Home. Everyone has parallel versions of themselves, variants, and all selling repeated versions of the same toy, into an infinite regression.

Is Everyone Sick Of The Multiverse? (Infinite Frontier #3 Spoilers)

But is there a danger. If anything can happen, if any version of a character can appear, does any of it matter to anyone? Can't one version just be replaced by another? Rick And Morty, which has its own Council Of Ricks, played the trick of Earth being laid waste and, rather than solve the problem, the pair skipped sideways to a parallel dimension where they had both just died and took over their lives. That simple. And that could be a solution to any threat whatsoever. This has been confined to the comics, with fanboys who love this stuff, but the movies have a greater appeal. If multiversal storytelling becomes a big thing, is it possible that a general audience may learn to stop caring? What jeopardy or threat remains, when you can just skip to another universe, keep calm and carry on?

Is Everyone Sick Of The Multiverse? (Infinite Frontier #3 Spoilers)

Why do I mention this now? Because this is the kind of thing that the resident so the DC Multiverse seem to be saying. When your own characters at meta-complaining about the plot, maybe it is time to listen to them? If everything happened, and keep happening, does nothing actually matter anymore?

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Xermanico (CA) Mitch Gerads
Barry Allen's history with the Psycho-Pirate isn't pleasant. The Flash encountered this mind-bending villain all the way back in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it did not end well for the Scarlet Speedster. For the first time since his death and rebirth, Barry runs afoul of this foe—hopefully it will go better this time around! That is, if the even bigger villain behind the Pirate stays out of the fray, or if President Superman of Justice Incarnate sticks around to help win the day. Retail: $4.99 In-Store Date: 7/27/2021

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