Is Obama A Comic Book Evil Genius?

lex_luthor_for_presidentIt's a question we asked as it related to comics, but now the political media is asking it as well but for a very different reason.

Over on a liberal leaning website called The Rational Middle (there own tag line is: "liberal thinking for the 21st century"), Michael Chase seems to think that the conservative coverage of President Barack Obama is likening him to a stereotypical comic book evil genius. Now regardless of your feelings for or against the sitting President, Chase's description of what he sees are the signs of an evil genius are interesting as are the examples he uses to prove his point.

Here is some of the article he wrote:

Whiplash is a common effect of collisions and, apparently, after listening to conservative media types and their minions in government explain current events. Based on current news bits floating in the mainstream and touching the shores of social media, President Obama is precisely like a super-villain found in comic books and the James Bond series. He is Loki without the magic, Dr. No without the plastic hands, Lex Luthor without Gene Hackman's charm. Come to think of it, one of the first posters to show up at Tea Party protests was a mash-up of Obama and the Joker (the creepy one from the last series of movies.)

After all, super-villains must fit a very particular pattern; they have the brilliance and financial backing to rule the world, but are always hopelessly incompetent when it comes to fleshing out the details (or just too stupid to simply shoot Bond in the face before telling him their plans.) And if the current crop of credulous, lazy, and cowardly reporters active in today's sham media are to be believed, President Obama is just that sort.

Chase goes on to give examples in the full article.

Maybe this is just a pet peeve of mine, but Chase goes into detail on what he thinks a comic book evil genius is, going so far as to lay out a "pattern" for them… yet he appears to only know of them from the movies. Is Gene Hackman's real estate scamming version the true evil genius of Lex Luthor? And would anyone consider Loki and evil genius by Chase's definition? Seems Chase has seens a few movies over the years (including the Batman with the creepy Joker in it) and has decided he knows what's in comic books.

If someone is going to present their case using comic books, it would be nice if that person at least appeared to have read one in their lifetime.

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