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J Scott Campbell Finished Two Issues Of Spider-Man With Jeph Loeb

The Jeph Loeb/J Scott Campbell announced-and-unpublished Spider-Man comic book looms large on the "missing comic book projects" list. But did you know that J Scott Campbell had drawn two full issues of the unpublished series? Talking with The Original Drink And Draw Social Club, including Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian, Jeff Johnson and Joe Quesada drawing their favourite Saturday morning cartoon characters and chatting together as they do so.

J Scott Campbell Has Finished Two Issues Of Spider-Man With Jeph Loeb

While sketching away, he spoke about what once was;

"I have a famous project that almost got off the ground with Jeph Loeb – there are many versions of that story why that didn't happen, there's actually two issues in the can by the way, some people don't even know that there are two issues that exist. I mean Joe [Quesada]'s probably seen them, they do exist somewhere in a drawer somewhere, but that project just kind of kept getting bumped and, for various reasons."

"It just kind of kept getting behind and continuity kind of marched on and then it just kind of fell apart when it got out of continuity because it stopped making sense. And at the time, Jeph was really caught up in it being in continuity and and that's certainly legit. I don't begrudge him for that… he had had a lot of success with that and at the time it was structured to be like Hush that he had done with Jim Lee but for Spider-Man and that was very much in the continuity of Batman. It was just hard to let that go, I think, but that was something I was really excited about. I don't know if I'd be as excited about it now because, at the time, I just hungered to draw Spider-Man, now I've done so many covers and things it's it's not as new as it would have been back then."

J Scott Campbell Has Finished Two Issues Of Spider-Man With Jeph Loeb

J Scott Campbell talked most about this to Wizard Magazine back in 2006, telling them his plan was to do a year – or more.

J Scott Campbell Has Finished Two Issues Of Spider-Man With Jeph Loeb


CAMPBELL: It… may be more. Well see how it goes

LOEB- There is no formalized plan. What we're going to do is tell a story. and it may follow a model which is closer to Joss Whedon and John Cassaday than it is to Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch

J Scott Campbell Has Finished Two Issues Of Spider-Man With Jeph Loeb

CAMPBELL I'm excited about handing a solo character book. because it will open the book up and, in theory. I can get away from these 12-panel pages, three characters in every panel, seems to be what I did with WildSiderZ and Danger Girl. It's going to be real, liberating to almost like drawing the gags in the margins of MAD magazine.

J Scott Campbell Has Finished Two Issues Of Spider-Man With Jeph Loeb

LOEB One of the things Jeff and I have talked about is how much we want to open up the book. The first five pages of this story may be just Spider-Man swinging just to sort of get that scope and size. Sometimes, in many if you've move far enough away from it, going back to basics is actually new again. It's certainly what I found when I came onto Superman. Putting Clark back to work at the Daily Planet, it seemed like a revolutionary idea when in fact it just seemed like the only way things should be.

J Scott Campbell Has Finished Two Issues Of Spider-Man With Jeph Loeb

CAMPBELL: I'm also thrilled to not have to worry about self-promotion issues because Marvel's a machine when it comes to that. My whole career's pretty much been marked with books that were either created or partially created by me. so there have been multiple hats being worn juggling multiple aspects of the book. For once, I can just focus on creating great artwork without wearing all these other hats.

But that was 15 years ago…




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