Jessica Jones #18 Review: Bendis and Gaydos Nail the Good-Bye

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Jessica Jones is going broke and is in dire need of a case. Thankfully, a Texan woman dressed like a purple cowboy walks into her bakery/office with a job. She is Armadillo's girlfriend, and the two have had a steady relationship. However, after she told Armadillo that she loved him, he went off on a rampage, picking a fight with every hero in New York. She wants Jessica to find him and figure out what is wrong.

Jessica Jones #18 cover by David Mack
Jessica Jones #18 cover by David Mack

Brian Michael Bendis' finale for Jessica Jones is a beautifully fitting end for his tenure with the super-powered private investigator.

In addition to his parting shot with JJ, this book also seems to be a reason to bring in a lot of Bendis' favorite heroes for another appearance. Miles Morales, Luke Cage, Spider Woman, Iron Fist, Riri Williams, Logan, and Peter Parker make appearances, however brief, in this issue of Jessica Jones.

It also brings closure to JJ and even the Armadillo. It goes through Jones' aversion to grabbing onto happiness, and it's sympathetic towards Armadillo's station in life. It's a heart-warming issue about one scarred person trying to help another scarred person. Plus, in true Bendis fashion, it's quite funny.

Jessica Jones #18 art by Michael Gaydos and Matt Hollingsworth
Jessica Jones #18 art by Michael Gaydos and Matt Hollingsworth

Michael Gaydos' artwork is as gritty and noir-esque as ever. The world is rough, coarse, and unwelcoming, and it has always been this way to Jessica. However, this world is also gorgeous in its ugliness. Matt Hollingsworth contributes to this atmosphere with a darker color palette, occasionally offset by the odd bright costume or massive armadillo monster.

Jessica Jones #18 is another concluding issue for Marvel legend Brian Michael Bendis, and it's a heartfelt farewell at that. It does justice to both Jones and the Armadillo, and it brings in some old friends for brief appearances. Gaydos and Hollingsworth make the comic as beautiful as ever. This one gets a strong recommendation. Give it a read.

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