Joe Quesada Draws Galactus for Fantastic Four #1

When Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada isn't busy Creative Officering, focusing more on publishing during the Editor-in-Chief transition, or taking "joint creative custody" of books, he occasionally draws a variant cover or two. The latest comic to be graced by a Quesada cover is Fantastic Four #1, due out on August 8th, exactly 57 years after the debut of the original Fantastic Four #1. What's old is new again, after all, is basically Marvel's motto.

This time, Quesada's variant is a "Hidden Gem," meaning it is "never before seen as a cover." Anyone recognize where it originally came from?

[Update: Commenter Bruno Billion identified the artwork as being from the Hasbro 2010 SDCC San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Marvel Universe 19″ Galactus Ultra Action Figure.]

The variant was revealed earlier today, but this is our first look at it. Check out the variant below, featuring the world-devouring Galactus, and head to your local comic shop in August to pick up Fantastic Four #1, which is returning from a long hiatus dictated by Marvel Chairman and Donald Trump advisor Ike Perlmutter as part of a vendetta against Fox for owning the Fantastic Four movie rights.

Written by DAN SLOTT
Covers by ESAD RIBIC
On Sale 8/8/18

Joe Quesada Draws Galactus for Fantastic Four #1

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