Juggernaut #4 Review: Features Some Surprising Tenderness

By introducing a less sturdy character for Cain Marko to feel responsible for, this series and Juggernaut #4 is trying to pull at the same heartstrings that Lone Wolf & Cub, The Mandalorian, Crowded, and even The Professional used in terms of characterization aimed relentlessly towards a goal.
Juggernaut #4 Review: Surprising Tenderness
Juggernaut #4 Cover. Credit: Marvel
Social media maven D-Cell has the ability to rob people and things of their forward momentum ("de-accelerating" them, get it) and has gotten mixed up with the Juggernaut in his latest quest for redemption. His protective energy over her is reinforced by the shift in characterization in a flashback, where he faces down his patron and changes the terms of their relationship.
Much like the quest chain structure of Din Djarin's lengthy search for a decent preschool, someone has an unsafe interest in D-Cell, and Professor X's stepbrother Cain is gonna punch his way through an increasingly complex series of minions to discover the source. Fabian Nicieza's script allows for surprising tenderness in between some of the sense-shaking action scenes depicted by Ron Garney, Matt Milla, and Joe Sabino.
While this was structurally sound, as any book by this team of experts would be, it lacks a certain urgency that would make it crucial reading. D-Cell is not as adorable as Grogu, not as emotive as Natalie Portman's Mathilda, not as irrepressible as Charlie Wilson and not distinctive enough to capture the reader's desire for their positive outcome. That's not a bad thing, but it's the difference between a stunner like, say, the recent volume of Suicide Squad and something you could possibly live without.
Admittedly, with this and his Savage Avengers appearance, Juggernaut is carving out a destructive anti-hero space that could be a good choice for him, if it sticks. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.
Juggernaut #4
By Fabian Nicieza, Ron Garney, Geoff Shaw
KNOCK DOWN, DRAG OUT! For once, Juggernaut is worried about something other than himself. It's not easy, it's not what he's used to but D-Cell is counting on him. Try and stop him from helping.

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