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Juggernaut & The Election of The New X-Men (Hellfire Gala XSpoilers)
Juggernaut time! Today sees the publication of Hellfire Gala #1 2023 There will be plenty of Hellfire Gala coverage today, all with big Spoiler Warnings and using our Hellfire Gala tag so you can keep up. Intended to mirror the Met Ball, the Hellfire Gala is a chance for the mutant island of Krakoa and home[...]
Interior preview page from LEGION OF X #10 BEN HARVEY COVER
In this preview, we see how Vox Ignis helps Juggernaut overcome his impotence by offering to ride him. Joining me on this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron I'm hoping for some insightful thoughts and analysis from LOLtron about this preview, but I'm also warning it not to try to take over the world[...]
Is Professor X A War Criminal? (Hellions, Juggernaut, X-Factor)
Today sees the publication of three X-Men comic books, Hellions #8, X-Factor #6 and Juggernaut #5 – the latter seems a little retrofitted into the Krakoan comic books, but we'll go with it After all, it ends with Professor X and Krakoa taking in a new citizen. Credit: Marvel Even though, apparently, she won;t be allowed to[...]
Juggernaut #4 Review: Surprising Tenderness
By introducing a less sturdy character for Cain Marko to feel responsible for, this series and Juggernaut #4 is trying to pull at the same heartstrings that Lone Wolf & Cub, The Mandalorian, Crowded, and even The Professional used in terms of characterization aimed relentlessly towards a goal. Juggernaut #4 Cover Credit: Marvel Social media maven D-Cell has[...]
Savage Avengers #14 Review: Just Short Of Greatness
The two of them feel like they might be a little underpowered to take on something with a challenge rating of 24, so they go recruit some help: Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, and Cain Marko, the unstoppable Juggernaut.  The cover of Savage Avengers #14 Credit: Marvel Despite a few challenges, Gerry Duggan's script delivers on a[...]
The cover to Juggernaut #2
In this issue of Juggernaut, Juggernaut is gonna need a lawyer What's She-Hulk up to lately? I'm Jude Terror, and this is X-ual Healing, the weekly X-Men recap column where I read all the X-books that come out, no matter how many, no matter how overpriced, and no matter how terrible, so you don't have to[...]
The cover to X-Men #13
How about you? Three X-books were released by Marvel last week, two of which tie into X of Swords: Excalibur #13, X-Men #13, and Juggernaut #2. We're nearly halfway through the X of Swords crossover event and I have to say, I'm already feeling pretty burnt out by it It's just, I feel like everything that's[...]
The cover to Excalibur #13
How about you? Three X-books were released by Marvel last week, two of which tie into X of Swords: Excalibur #13, X-Men #13, and Juggernaut #2. We're nearly halfway through the X of Swords crossover event, and I have to say, I'm already feeling pretty burnt out by it It's just, I feel like everything that's[...]
Venom, Scumbag, Spider-Woman and Juggernaut Top Advance Reorders
Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! And courtesy of stats from Diamond Comic Distributors. Advance Reorders: Venom, Scumbag, Spider-Woman and Juggernaut TOP 25 ADVANCE REORDERS COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPS DESCRIPTION SRP VENDOR VENOM #29 STEGMAN VAR $3.99 MARVEL COMICS SCUMBAG[...]
The cover to Juggernaut #1
Marvel published two X-Books last week: X of Swords: Creation #1 and Juggernaut #1 These books couldn't be more different On the one hand, an overpriced one-shot kicking off a 22-part crossover event that will rock the X-Men universe to its foundations and make sure nothing is ever the same again, produced by the entire[...]
Juggernaut Series Now Part Of Dawn Of X Comic Books
They also confirm that the delayed-and-rescheduled Juggernaut limited series is to be considered part of the Dawn Of X storyline, which hadn't been clear until now. Here's the new schedule I can also scotch some rumours that the Dawn Of X series  New Mutants is ending with #13 Like X-Factor, it is skipping a month in[...]
Deadpool 2 Gets New and Adorable Cosbaby Figures from Hot Toys
There are three characters in this wave with Deadpool, Cable, and the Juggernaut All three stand roughly 4.5 inches tall and are just packed with adorable detail that features that unique Cosbaby design Juggernaut is the main star here as we rarely get colelctobl featmg his from the Deadpool 2 film He is wearing his[...]
Marvel Schedule Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Doctor Doom, Juggernaut
Now Marvel has added Black Widow, Shang Chi, Juggernaut, Marvel Zombies Resurrection and Doctor Doom to the September 2020 schedule. Black Widow #1 Written by Kelly Thompson Art by Elena Casagrande Cover by Adam Hughes KELLY THOMPSON BLACK WIDOW 'NUFF SAID! Best-selling, Eisner–nominated writer Kelly Thompson (CAPTAIN MARVEL, STAR) and rising star artist Elena Casagrande (Catwoman) launch a new[...]
Fabian Nicieza and Ron Garney are returning to Marvel Comics for a new Dawn Of X title starring Juggernaut Nothing can stop the Juggernaut… but what about the constitution of Krakoa? Looks like it's going to be quite full on Out in May… JUGGERNAUT #1 (OF 5) DX (W) Fabian Nicieza (A) Ron Garney (CA) Geoff Shaw READY[...]
Fabian Nicieza and Ron Garney Launch New Juggernaut Series at Marvel in May
It looks like Marvel Comics will be unstoppable in May as legendary X-Men writer (or, if you're Rob Liefeld, guy who might as well have been the janitor) Fabian Nicieza will team up with legendary artist Ron Garney to launch a new Juggernaut series Marvel revealed the details EX-X-XCLUSIVELY with compliant media partner IGN, but[...]
Kate Pryde Goes Full Juggernaut Meme in Marauders #2
"I'm The Juggernaut Bitch!" is a popular phrase often associated with the character, The Juggernaut from the X-Men The phrase stems from a parody video of the original X-Men Animated Series created in 2005 by Randy Hayes and Xavier Nazario of My Way Entertainment The original animation depicted a fight between Lilandra and the X-Men[...]
New Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Figures Glam Shots
A Juggernaut/Colossus two-pack, an Iron Spider/Iron Man Infinity War two-pack, Cap and Peggy Carter two-pack, Ghost and Luis two-pack from Ant-Man and The Wasp, and an Executioner/Hela two-pack from Ragnarok are all on the way as well This line will debut in the fall. Marvel is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, and to help[...]
Wait, There's Another Crimson Gem of Cyttorak Now? Next Week's Doctor Strange #8
Last month's X-Men Black series of connected one-shots featured one issue dedicated to the Juggernaut, the unstoppable X-villain whose powers are bestowed on him as the avatar of Cyttorak, through Cyttorak's trademarked Crimson Gem The history of the gem, like much in Marvel Comics, is complicated There's been at least one similar gem, a "prototype"[...]
Thor #1 cover by Mike del Mundo
Consequently, this has put him in the path of the Unstoppable Juggernaut, and Thor's new hammer is not yet ready. Thor #1 cover by Mike del Mundo In the follow-up story set far into the future, All-Father Thor and the Goddesses of Thunder seek to watch over the newly restarted human race when tragedy strikes Then, Thor[...]
Uncanny Avengers #29 cover by R.B. Silva and Java Tartaglia
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Juggernaut has been let loose upon the Uncanny Avengers, accidentally summoned by Doctor Voodoo while attempting to fix up Avengers Mansion. Rogue tries to lead the team, but Quicksilver, in his traditional arrogant fashion, goes off the reservation within minutes Can the team come together to bring down the Unstoppable Force? Uncanny Avengers #29 cover[...]
Amazon Tells Us Exactly Who The Amazing Spider-Man Will Be Fighting In His Next Arc
Sometimes you just don't know what's been entered wrongly, mixed up with another listing or just plain wrong. There was a minor commotion that the second volume of the current Amazing Spider-Man series by Dan Slott is being listed on Amazon as being written by Kathryn Immonen and drawn by Paco Medina. It seems rather that the volume[...]