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Theater Chain Stocks Get a Boost from a Solid WW84 Box Office Release
"Yes, we'll release Black Widow in any market where infection rates are below x% and vaccination is above y%." "You only get the Hamilton / In the Heights sing-a-longs if you're over 90% vaccinated in a 20-mile radius." Give us achievable goals based on science to get us back to the movies. Austin, Texas March 19,[...]
Charlotte Flair and Asuka react to news on WWE Raw that Lacey Evans is pregnant with Ric Flair's baby.
 Well, we now have an answer, and it's an even more unfortunate result than anyone had speculated, as Charlotte has just announced on Twitter that she has tested positive for COVID-19. Charlotte Flair (right) has just announced that she has tested positive for COVID-19, courtesy of WWE. The timing of this news couldn't be worse for the[...]
The official logo for WWE NXT.
As we've all heard, NXT and the WWE Performance Center suffered another COVID-19 outbreak last week and it had ramifications on this past Wednesday's episode of NXT on the USA Network  A promoted match between Swerve and Leon Ruff didn't take place and wasn't mentioned, while certain wrestlers who had featured heavily in programming as of late, such[...]
Opinion: Getting Back Into Wargaming Post-COVID Is A Tough Task
This past year's global COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly a tough challenge for everyone, but it was quite tough for gamers, especially of the tabletop persuasion Thankfully, it looks as though the tunnel might be coming to an end and the light ahead is shining bright However, due to just how long the pandemic has lasted[...]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, You & More: COVID Concerns Extend L.A. Prod Hiatus
Identify and delay higher risk activities, and focus on lower-risk work for now, if at all possible." The health department and county film permit office also reminded everyone that "travel for production purposes is currently not advised." While production travel is permitted, both groups are asking filmmakers to avoid it whenever possible- with travel making[...]
Only a day after the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health urged television and film productions to pause productions in light of the surging number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, CBS Studios is delaying the production-return dates for five series coming off their holiday breaks CBS' NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, and Seal Team, as[...]
A Post-Mortem on Virtual Conventions and Events: Part 1
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life in so many ways that we're still coming to terms with everything this has changed While the vaccine is rolling out to essential workers and politicians [some of which have spent the last nine months downplaying said pandemic], there is some light on the horizon for 2021 and[...]
Christmas is the Best of Times, Worst of Times at Theaters this Year
The ongoing COVID-19 has pretty much ground everything in 2020 to a halt Those of us who go to conventions or film festivals got C2E2 and Sundance, and that was about it Since March, most people haven't been to a movie theater, and those of us that have ventured out to theaters for the occasional[...]
Disneyland Closes Due to Coronavirus
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is in no way stopping anytime soon While there have been talks about a vaccine, that doesn't mean we're any closer to getting back to normal One of the main ways that life has changed is that we can't gather in large groups, which means many things can't happen One of[...]
New Extra Long Tenet Behind-The-Scene Featurette
Despite the billions lost in cinemas due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the film still banked just under $350 million globally, even with a lackluster domestic return of $53.8 million While promoting Tom Shone's latest book "The Nolan Variations," the director and writer spoke to the Los Angeles Times to discuss how he interprets the box[...]
Mail On Sunday Leaks NHS Vaccine News - After An Editorial Bollocking
With the headlines bulletpointed below: At last! NHS workers are 'set to get a vaccine in weeks' as the Government accelerates timetable for a mass roll-out before Christmas – while ministers introduce new laws to bypass EU approval for jab Email sent by an NHS Trust chief to his staff, seen by The Mail on Sunday, reveals[...]