Larry Hama Returns to Wolverine Run for X-Men Legends in September

Legendary comic book creator Larry Hama will return to his classic Wolverine run with a new story in September's X-Men Legends #7, Marvel revealed in a press release on their website. Billy Tan joins Hama to provide art for the story, which sees Wolverine and Jubilee team up and travel to Japan o find missing mutants and battle with Lady Deathstrike and The Hand.

Though he's best known as the creative force behind decades of GI Joe: A Real American Hero, Hama wrote the Wolverine ongoing from 1990 until 1997, creating one of the most beloved Wolverine runs of all time. Hama returned to the character for the 2019 Wolverine: Exit Wounds one-shot. In 2020, Hama returned to the characters of Albert and Elsie Dee, who he co-created with Marc Silverstri in the early days of his original run, for iWolverine 2020, part of the Iron Man 2020 event.

Larry Hama returns to his classic Wolverine run with Billy Tan in X-Men Legends #7 this September
Larry Hama returns to his classic Wolverine run with Billy Tan in X-Men Legends #7 this September

From the Marvel press release, here's the details on Hama's return in X-Men Legends #7:

Acclaimed creator Larry Hama will return to his epic run on WOLVERINE this September in X-MEN LEGENDS #7! Joined by popular X-Men artist Billy Tan, Hama will once again pick up the adventures of Weapon X, continuing his work on the character that helped define the 1990s.

Each month, X-MEN LEGENDS has the most iconic X-Men creators revisit their groundbreaking runs to tell all-new tales that tie up loose ends, resolve long-standing mysteries, and complete unfinished story arcs! The hit series has already seen writer Fabian Nicieza reveal Adam X as the third Summers brother, and Louise Simonson and Walt Simonson shed light on Apocalypse's original agenda against X-Factor. Now it's Larry Hama's turn! The writer behind Wolverine's greatest stories and deadliest encounters returns to do what he does best!

When two young mutants disappear, Wolverine and Jubilee set off for Japan to track them down. But Lady Deathstrike and the Hand have their own designs on the duo, and it'll take no small measure of blood, sweat and adamantium to change their mind, kicking off a deadly international mutant conflict!

Any way you slice it, the ultimate team-up is back, bub! Pick up X-MEN LEGENDS #7 when it hits stands in September!

Written by LARRY HAMA
Art and Cover by BILLY TAN

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