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First Look at X-Men Legends #1 by Roy Thomas and Dave Wachter
This August, Roy Thomas returns to the X-Men to write X-Men Legends #1, relaunching the nostalgia-fueled X-Men Legends series with a new number one issue alongside artist Dave Wachter Thomas plans to fill in the gap between Wolverine's first appearance and Giant-Size X-Men #1 Will we finally learn the origins of Wolverine's two dicks? We[...]
Marvel Relaunches X-Men Legends With New Roy Thomas Wolverine Story
Roy Thomas is the first legendary writer to return to his classic X-Men run in the newly relaunched X-Men Legends #1, hitting stores this May Thomas will be joined by artist Dave Wachter to produce a new story set after his original run but before Giant-Size X-Men #1 Even better, Thomas's story will star Wolverine,[...]
Cover image for X-Men Legends #10
Who is a part of Mister Sinister's Illuminati-like secret mutant council? Find out in this preview of X-Men Legends #10, true believers! Check out the preview below. X-Men Legends #10 by Fabian Nicieza & Dan Jurgens, cover by Dan Jurgens WHO WILL SURVIVE THE EIGHTH CIRCLE? CHARLES XAVIER BEAST AMANDA MUELLER MOIRA MACTAGGERT MAGNETO Some of the greatest[...]
Cover image for X-Men Legends #9
Everybody wins! Larry Hama continues his classic Wolverine run in this preview of X-Men Legends #9, which promises an explosive showdown between Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red, and Sabretooth Read the preview below, and as this is the last one of these I need to schedule for the night, good night! X-Men Legends #9 MARVEL COMICS SEP210951 SEP210952 –[...]
Chris Claremont Finally Comes to X-Men Legends in February
Louise and Walt Simonson are returning to X-Men Legends this January for a new story featuring classic New Mutants, and in February, Chris Claremont finally makes his X-Men Legends debut Marvel dropped this double-whammy news in a press release on Marvel.com announcing upcoming stories in the series, which returns legendary X-Men creators to the classic[...]
Cover image for X-MEN LEGENDS #7
X-Men Legends #7 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, delivering the classic team-up of Wolverine and Jubilee in a new story written by the legendary Larry Hama, with Billy Tan on art Check out a preview of the issue below. X-MEN LEGENDS #7 MARVEL COMICS JUL210662 JUL210663 – X-MEN LEGENDS #7 TORQUE VAR – $3.99 (W) Larry Hama[...]
X-Men Legends Unites Fabian Nicieza, Dan Jurgens, Mr. Sinister & More
X-Men Legends has been bridging gaps, explaining obscure continuity, and bringing classic creative teams to X-Men stories for almost a year now.  In December, with issue #10, Fabian Nicieza will return to the book bringing along Dan Jurgens on artwork.  Nicieza launched X-Men Legends with a tale set during his 1990's run on X-Men, and[...]
Cover image for X-MEN LEGENDS #6
The last couple issues of X-Men Legends brought readers back to Peter David's 90s X-Factor run, but all good things must come to an end, even good things that already came to an end and then were brought back in the name of nostalgia And so ends this storyline in X-Men Legends #6, in stores[...]
Cover image for X-MEN LEGENDS #5
Marvel returns to Peter David's classic X-Factor run in this preview of X-Men Legends #5, in stores Wednesday This preview gives us just a tease, though we do see Strong Guy working on a new catchphrase for the team That's definitely gonna need more workshopping though But we're sure he'll get it eventually Check out[...]
Cover image for X-MEN LEGENDS #4
X-Men Legends #4 brings us back to a simpler time for mutants A time before we had to worry about things like Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean Grey being involved in a three-way romantic and sexual relationship Instead, all we have to do is reckon with the fact that Cyclops married an exact clone of his[...]
Larry Hama returns to his classic Wolverine run with Billy Tan in X-Men Legends #7 this September
Legendary comic book creator Larry Hama will return to his classic Wolverine run with a new story in September's X-Men Legends #7, Marvel revealed in a press release on their website Billy Tan joins Hama to provide art for the story, which sees Wolverine and Jubilee team up and travel to Japan o find missing[...]
Fabian Nicieza, Brett Booth Retell X-Men's Third Summers Brother
And X-Men Legends #1 out in February from Marvel Comics will team nineties X-Men creators Fabian Nicieza and Brett Booth to retell that story with all-new stuff – and future issues bringing in Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, Louise Simonson, Peter David and more. Break out the yellows and blues, fire up the Danger Room and snap[...]