Another Creator Claims Non-Payment From Bluewater, This Time For A Laura Ingraham Biography

Bleeding Cool has covered the various publishing operations of Darren Davis — as Bluewater Comics, Stormfront Comics, and Storm Comics — specialising in publishing autobiographical volumes in the wake of the 2008 elections. And, of course, we've been covering the many creators who claim lack of payment or non-payment over the years, as well as the back-end work-for-hire contracts that remain unique in the industry.

Time to add another. Jerome Maida posted to his Facebook page:

Wow! Nothing like doing the script for a comic book and having it be published without your knowledge or any attempt at compensation! Let me start from the beginning.

From 2010-2011 I did a BUNCH of bio comics for Bluewater Comics, who have changed their name twice since. I did bios on Al Franken, Bill O'Reilly, Richard Nixon, Glenn Beck and Jon Stewart, among others. I never got paid a dime for these, which is the way Darren Davis operates.

Another Creator Claims Non-Payment From Bluewater, This Time For A Laura Ingraham BiographyThen I really got screwed when I spent weeks writing a script for a "Hunt for Bin Laden" graphic novel, that was published in partnership with Simon & Schuster, and which I was supposed to receive a nice advance and royalties on. The book was published – it was even in chains like Borders! – and I was told I would not be receiving a cent because Davis, without my consent, allegedly traded the advance for the foreign rights!

Of course, when I asked for documentation, none was forthcoming! That was the last thing I wrote that was published by Davis, since I had written a script for a Laura Ingraham comic that he said he cancelled due to lack of preorders. But at least I negotiated a deal where my friend, Mark Sparacio, got compensated for doing the cover. Again, I didn't get a dime.

Flash forward to today. I'm looking to see if the Los Angeles library has Laura Ingraham's new book. They do! Then I see the cover for that comic I wrote years ago. The Laura Ingraham comic is available by e-book at the library! And I was never even informed it was published!

Can't anything be done about this bastard!? Does anyone know a good lawyer?! I can't imagine the number of people he's still screwing over.

Darren Davis did not respond to email enquiries. The listing of the comic book in question can be found here.

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