Legion of Substitute Runarounds — Saturday

Rich is off to the Treviso Comics Festival for a few days, and I think the industry may be catching its breath a bit this weekend anyway — but there's always some links:

BC ComicChron

An Audience With The Oracle: Director Patrick Meaney Talks About Getting Grant Morrison On The Record

I first heard about Grant when I read that The Matrix was 'stolen' from a comic book called The Invisibles.

In Review: Clint #2 – real life superheroes and Kick Ass 2

Maintaining an edgy, Nuts/Zoo style feel to the format, which rankles with some comics fans but should appeal to the magazine's teen target audience, strip-wise, this issue continues Kick Ass 2 and delivers more chapters of Jonathan Ross' Turf, Frankie Boyle's bonkers Rex Royd, Nemesis and a fun three-page 'Space Oddity'. Pit Stop by Mateus Santolouco is one of many great pitches to the mag made via the MillarWorld forum and a good choice.

Review: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

The latest direct to video DC animated feature hits the shelves September 28.  This is an early review.

What Smallville Got Right

In past editorials about comic book movies, we've frequently noted how important it is for studios to involve comic book creators when adapting franchises. Who understands a hero better than the writer that chronicles their adventures every month? A good majority of new comic book projects in Hollywood seem to take this into consideration. With Marvel Studios regularly consulting Marvel's top comic book writers, and with DC's Geoff Johns heavily involved in multiple film projects, there is a growing willingness to allow the comic industry to inform the films it inspires.

Lost Universes

Explorations into the Lost Universes of defunct companies. Will the Wildstorm Universe join their ranks?

Separated at Birth: La Femme Veronica

You know, that explains it…

Possession and Repossession

Earlier today on Facebook, my friend Scott Shaw! posted a quote from me that is semi-famous among comic book professionals. He gave it as "Never fall in love with characters you don't own." I remember it as "Never get possessive about characters you don't own," which I think gets fractionally closer to the core of what I was advising.

Superhero fan Randall Lotowycz pens ultimate guide to DC universe

While many histories, encyclopedias and digests on the creation of the DC universe of superheroes have appeared over the years, Lotowycz takes great pride in the staggering amount of information it contains. "A pet peeve of mine has always been when I read other source material for superheroes that they would often get it wrong."

Warner Premiere Announces Two New Multi-Platform Series to Be Produced by Bryan Singer and McG; Dolphin Entertainment to Co-Finance and Co-Distribute

Building on the success of their digital productions that include the best-selling Watchmen Motion Comics and Terminator The Machinima Series, Warner Premiere today announced it is creating two live-action, multi-platform digital series with top Hollywood talent. Warner Premiere continues to be committed to developing cutting-edge content for a new generation of consumers who fluidly watch content on multiple screens. Both these series capitalize on the flexibility of digital platforms to both present unique stories in short bites, and to also offer viewers additional complementary content that further flushes out the stories' mythologies and characters' backgrounds.

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