Looking For Early Archie? This Jackpot Comics #4 Could Be Yours

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Before Archie was a blip in Bob Montana's eye, MLJ was publishing superhero comics. Pep, Jackpot, and Shield Wizard were just some of the comic books kids could find at their local newsstand. These books featured timely patriotic heroes — in fact, one of the heroes pre-dates Captain America, which would result in a fun Cease & Desist between MLJ and Timely Comics. But then in 1941, within the pages of Pep Comics #22, a plucky redhead going by the nickname 'Chic' instead of his real name (Archie) would steal the show, and change history forever. While this isn't the holy grail of Archie collectors, this is still a highly sought after book — Jackpot Comics #4, Archie's second comic book appearance, and this auction ends on May 20th

This affordable key comes in at a CGC restored label 2.5 with brittle pages. Restoration includes color touch, glue, pieces added, tear seals, reinforced, staples replaced, cover married, and all three edges of the cover have been trimmed. Despite that it is a moderately to extensively restored book, this still presents beautifully. Unfortunately, no other purple label 2.5 Jackpots #4 have come across GPA yet, but a purple label 3.5 was sold in August of 2002 for $661. A blue label 2.5 sold 2004 for $437, but there is some good news. A blue label 2.0 sold for $4505 in September of 2017, so this book likely did go up in value. Keep in mind that restored books usually go for less than their unrestored counterparts, but do not let that deter you. Restored books are a great, affordable way to buy otherwise expensive blue label books.

The issue of Jackpot Comics #4 that is up for auction on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect
The issue of Jackpot Comics #4 that is up for auction on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect

This cover has it all; a damsel in distress, a mad scientist, dashing heroes, and of course, Archie. This bright and beautiful cover by MLJ cover wizard Irv Novick is one of his best. Jackpot Comics might not have lasted for a long time; in fact, MLJ would rename their company to Archie Comics before the Golden Age was even over, but this is an essential comic in the Archie universe and is one you should absolutely invest in. Golden Age Archie keys have been seeing great returns in recent years, in part due to Riverdale, and in part, because Golden Age Archie is more affordable than say, Batman or Captain America.

This particular auction ends on May 20th and is part of Session 3, which is part of Event Auction #42. Are you interested in this book? You'll need a ComicConnect account. Don't worry; they're free. Plus, you may find a few more pieces for your collection! Happy bidding!

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