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Black Hood #19 (MLJ, 1946)
For obvious reasons, MLJ, the publisher which would rebrand itself as Archie may have had less confidence in the staying power of the superhero genre than most comic book publishers.  The Golden Age lifespan of one of its most famous superhero characters, the Black Hood, provides us with another fascinating example of how the publisher[...]
Looking For Early Archie? This Jackpot Comics #4 Could be Yours!
Before Archie was a blip in Bob Montana's eye, MLJ was publishing superhero comics Pep, Jackpot, and Shield Wizard were just some of the comic books kids could find at their local newsstand These books featured timely patriotic heroes — in fact, one of the heroes pre-dates Captain America, which would result in a fun[...]
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Credit: MLJ Comics. The rest of the comic features the continuing adventures of Fu Chang, Sergeant Boyle, Lee Sampson Midshipman, The Rocket, and the Queen of Diamonds, When Satan Played Saint, Kayo Ward, and Bentley of Scotland Yard I've grown to appreciate Bentley's supernatural adventures more MLJ/Archie likes to flirt with the supernatural (and as we[...]
Archie Comics 80th Anniversary Presents: Archie Digital Exclusive Cover.
What started as a superhero comic under the MLJ publishing name, our iconic redhead, didn't make his first appearance until two years into the publisher's life Archie initially served as a backup story to MLJ's superhero comics, starting with Pep Comics #22 in December of 1941 Yet Archie proved to be a hit, and the[...]
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MLJ had used racist imagery to depict people of color throughout WWII This was sadly the norm at the time, but I do not feel it reflects on the Archie Comics of today If you are looking to re-read these issues, it's important for you to be aware that you will see people of color[...]
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Welcome back to another episode of Diving Into the Comics Vault! We're now five issues into MLJ's flagship title, Pep Comics. This issue of Pep Comics features a rather striking cover The Shield is underwater, fighting enemy subs Artist Irv Novick did an exceptional job with making Shield look like he really was fighting underwater[...]
pep4 (1)
In this issue, she's on an adventure with Rocket, which raises the question — who is watching her planet and her people? Bently of Scotland Yard also takes a turn in horror, as MLJ parodies The Hunchback of Notre Dame in this issue. This whole issue is a huge improvement over the previous Even the art[...]
pep3 (1)
Pre-Archie MLJ is an absolute joy, and I can't wait to go through the rest with all of you. Welcome back to Diving Into the Comic Vault! If you haven't read this series yet, no worries Check out our first post here! Today we'll be focusing on Pep Comics #3, with its signature hero —[...]
MLJ was one such company What soon would become Archie Comics, MLJ created many superheros under their umbrella, as well as a number of comic anthologies One of their most popular — and long time standing — anthologies was Pep Comics. Pep Comics #1 has a cover date of January 1940, but came out in November[...]
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