Lying In The Gutters – 2nd July 2017 – A Legacy For Marvel, DC, Doctor Who And Howard Chaykin

Today was a week of Marvel's legacy, Spider-Man's homecoming, Howard Chaykin's cover stories, and with some very silly Doctor Who rumours that got about 50/50 correct… so what were you reading this week? Lying in The Gutters reveals it all…

Top Twenty Comics Of The Week

  1. Doctor Who Spoilers – A Multiple Regeneration Episode? A Reveal, A Pause And Rumours For Next Week's The Doctor Falls
  2. Will We Discover The New Doctor Who Next Week?
  3. Three Marvel Characters Return To Secret Empire #5 – This Is A Big Bad Spoiler About Just One Of Them
  4. Does Doctor Who Christmas Special Shooting Reveal This Saturday's Cliffhanger? (SPOILERS)
  5. Are The Boys From Big Bang Theory Getting New Neighbors?
  6. Mega Makeover In Store For Walt Disney World's Epcot This Fall
  7. The Truth About Michelle, Zendaya And Mary Jane Watson In Spider-Man: Homecoming (SPOILERS)
  8. Image Creators Speak Out About Howard Chaykin's Divided States Of Hysteria
  9. Who Is The Big Bad For Arrow Season 6?
  10. X-Men: Gold Cover Pays Homage To A Queen Album Cover With A Unique History
  11. Marvel Legacy Covers Without The Animation – The Old 52 – But No Captain America?
  12. Astonishing X-Men Leads To Something Significant And New
  13. The Character Assassination of Beast Continues
  14. LAPD Forces Anime Expo To Ban All Cosplay Weapon Sales On Show Floor
  15. That Doctor Who Rumour About The Doctor Falls' Cliffhanger Gets A Closer Confirmation…
  16. Has Brian Bendis Suggested A Way Out Of Current Marvel Continuity Woes?
  17. Marvel Schedules Conference Call With ComicsPRO Comic Stores, May Discuss Marvel Legacy Concern (UPDATE)
  18. A New Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls Trailer – "Three Of Them, Eh? I Didn't Know When I Was Well Off"
  19. Savage Dragon #225 Swipes Sex Criminals With Bagged Raunchy Cover In July
  20. Marvel Comics Claims The Fantastic Four Was Cancelled Because It Didn't Sell – But Marvel Two-In-One Could Bring It Back

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Marvel Legacy A Stopgap Before The Next Relaunch? – ComicsPRO Retailer Conference Call Breaks Out…
  2. [SPOILERS] Everybody Is Somebody In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'
  3. Marvel Legacy Reveals All Their Issue Numbers And Story Titles – And There Are 53 Books, Not 52!
  4. Ta-Nehisi Coates – The New Writer On Marvel Comics' Captain America?
  5. Mark Waid And Chris Samnee To Put Captain America Through Detox For Marvel Legacy?
  6. Could We Get DC Legacy From November? Wonder Woman #700, Superman #800, Batman #800 And More
  7. Image Deletes Tweet Asking For Most Shocking Moments When All They Get Is Backlash For Divided States Of Hysteria
  8. Wonder Woman #25 Gives Movie Fans The Scene They Were Denied… (SPOILERS)
  9. Fandemic Tour – John Macaluso, Ex-CEO Of Wizard World, Launches New Brand Of Comic Cons With First Show In Houston In September
  10. New Mutants #87 Homage Covers "After Liefeld" – Should They Be "After Gil Kane"?

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