Lying In The Gutters 30th April 2017 – I Like Big Bids And I Cannot Lie

Currently with 33 bids and over $1000....

So what else have you been bidding on reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Jeremy Whitley Responds To Frank Cho's Unstoppable Wasp Blank Sketch Variant, Or Just Luke Cage Talking About Butts
  2. The Final Page Of Secret Empire FCBD That Has People Screaming? (Secret Empire Spoilers)
  3. Killing The 5 Year Timeline – Superman, Flash And Blue Beetle Spoilers For The Week Ahead, Rumbling Around C2E2 (UPDATE)
  4. Marvel Decides Who The Real Fans Are At C2E2 – No Window Bags For Comics Signatures!
  5. People Are Adding "Nick Spencer Disclaimers" To Their Captain America T-Shirts
  6. 7 Galactic-Sized Spoilers For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
  7. Dark Matter Widens The Divide At DC Comics Between Dan DiDio And Geoff Johns
  8. Rewriting The DC Universe Today In Flash #21 – Bringing It All Back Again (SPOILERS)
  9. I Saw 10 Minutes Of Alien: Covenant And It Was Brutal, Gory, And Beautiful *SPOILERS*
  10. Superman Lives: Official Justice League Movie Site Reveals Another ('More Official'?) Team Shot With Superman
  11. Separated At Birth: The Last Page Of Secret Empire FCBD And Jae Lee's Inhumans #1? (SPOILERS)
  12. ROSEANNE Is Coming Back To TV, With (Almost) The Entire Family
  13. Well, That Was Quick. X-Men Gold #2 Brings Back The Politics… (SPOILERS)
  14. Archie Comics Artist Refused Entry To USA From Canada Over Her Sketches
  15. Lucifer Returns With A Surprise Announcement
  16. Can There Be Any Doubt That Magneto Is Joining Hydra Now?
  17. DC Shocker: Justice League Standards At All Time Low; They're Letting Anybody Join Now
  18. Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta Begins Today – On PS4 Only
  19. Marvel Want Comic Store Staff To Dress Like Hydra During Secret Empire
  20. Final Part Of Watchmen Crossover "The Button" In Flash #22, Is Running Late…

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Free Comic Book Day Event Cancelled In Florida Because It Wouldn't Mix Well With The Art Crowd…
  2. Agents Of SHIELD Writers Takes A Few More Shots At Trump
  3. Tying Up One Of Those Civil War II Hanging Threads In Today's Ultimates 2…
  4. Exclusive: Teaser Trailer For Revival, The Movie Based On The Comic By Tim Seeley And Mike Norton, From Image
  5. Gail Simone And Colleen Doran Agree To Start Work Tomorrow On Star-Blossom Comics; Your Move, DC
  6. The Fake Jack Kirby Art That Sold For Over $2500 On eBay?
  7. When Mary Jane And Spider-Gwen Become Venom – The Restricted Marvel True Believers Panel From C2E2
  8. Exclusive: A Few DC Covers For May, From Gary Frank To Frank Cho To Jim Lee To Emanuela Lupacchino To Jenny Frison
  9. An Inflammatory Article About Marvel's Promotional Hydra Shirts For Comic Store Employees
  10. Titans – The DC Live-Action TV Series Alongside Season 3 Of Young Justice, On DC's Own Streaming TV Service For 2018

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