Lying In The San Diego Gutters – 41 Articles From Comic-Con Sunday

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Cosplay and galleries

  1. 148 More Cosplay Pics from San Diego Comic-Con 2018 – From Handmaids to Incredibles
  2. Check Out 65 Pics From the Kotobukiya Booth at SDCC

DC Comics

  1. Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson: The DC-Before-Superman Panel
  2. A Look Inside the Increasingly Late Mister Miracle at San Diego Comic-Con
  3. Old Lady Harley Details, and Deathstroke vs. Yogi Bear is Frank Tieri's Most Violent Book [SDCC]
  4. Paul Dini on His Favorite Version of Harley Quinn and More from SDCC 2018

Marvel Comics

  1. San Diego Comic-Con Paves the Road to the Thirteenth Doctor Who with Her Comics
  2. Swag from the Marvel True Believers Panel at San Diego Comic-Con
  3. Separated at Bath: Rob Liefeld and the New Domino Annual
  4. Cebulski, the Man Behind Marvel, Shares His Origin Story at SDCC with Skottie Young
  5. C.B. Cebulski Loves Magik and Dani Moonstar – New Mutants Ongoing Return? [RUMOR]
  6. X-Men Gold Annual #2 Pages Revealed at SDCC 2018
  7. Uncanny X-Men Returns in November
  8. Chris Claremont Writes Magneto for X-Men Black Weekly One-Shots
  9. First Look at Steve McNiven's Interior Artwork for Return of Wolverine #1
  10. Marvel Hypes Powers United VR at SDCC as a Jumping Pad for VR
  11. How Many Times Can Marvel Exclusively Give Away the Same Exclusive Variant Cover at San Diego Comic-Con
  12. Marvel True Believers Panel Previews Squirrel Girl, Marvel Rising, Spider-Man/Deadpool, Domino, Runaways, and Many More
  13. [Breaking] New Iceman #1 Villain, Plus More Series Details Revealed at SDCC 2018

Marvel TV

  1. The Morlocks Come to Fox's The Gifted in Season 2, Plus More X-Men "Straight Out of the Comics" [Trailer]


  1. Cicada Put Through the Flash Blender and King Shark/Gorilla Grodd Team-Up – Q&A From Cast and Crew at SDCC
  2. Preacher Season 3 SDCC Trailer: Gran'ma L'Angell Deals with The Devil while Tulip Joins The Grail…What???
  3. Christopher Gorham, Voice of the Flash in Death of Superman, Takes No Inspiration from Live-Action Versions [SDCC]
  4. Preacher SDCC Panel: Joseph Gilgun Delivers Powerful Message on Mental Health
  5. Taking Confession 305 'The Coffin': Bleeding Cool's 'Preacher' Season 3 Live-Blog!

More comics

  1. Dieselfunk Dispatch: Abrams ComicArts Announces Start of 'Parable of the Sower' Graphic Novel Adaptation
  2. Betty and Veronica '80s-Inspired Limited-Edition Pin Set Debuts at SDCC

More TV

  1. The Purge TV Show Will Explore the Concept Deeper Than the Film Series
  2. Follow Along Live from the 'Supernatural' Hall H Panel At SDCC
  3. Kevin Smith at SDCC: He Wasn't Even Supposed to Be Here Today
  4. Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 SDCC Trailer: It's a Twister! It's a Twister! Maybe a "Zomb-Nado"?
  5. Andrew Lincoln, Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, and Seth Rogen Succumb to Bleeding Cool's Equipment [SDCC
  6. Legion Season 2 Recapped at SDCC – Mistakes Were Made
  7. Dieselfunk Dispatch: FX's 'Pose' Star Indya Moore on Career, Season Finale

Parties and activations

  1. Nerd Food: Tasting Super Hero Ice Cream at SDCC 2018!
  2. Barzinga at Kansas City BBQ to Enjoy Top Gun and SDCC2018!
  3. The Drinking Dead: A Walking Dead Wine Tasting at SDCC


  1. Super7's Boodega is a Universal Monsters Fan's Dream
  2. Kid Robot Has Rick and Morty, Spongebob, Bob's Burgers, and More at SDCC
  3. Masters of the Universe Mondo Figures Look Like Must-Owns
  4. Harry Potter: 20 Years of Magic, Please Take All My SDCC Money

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