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Magnetic Press Reopens Web Store for New and Backlist Comic Books

An industry-wide shutdown may have put most new comic book publishing on hiatus, but there's still ways to get your hands on comics to read at home. Magnetic Press, which transformed back from a Lion Forge imprint to a full publisher earlier this year, has reopened its online store. The Magnetic Press web store allows customers to purchase new and backlist titles directly from the publisher, and for an introductory discount as well. Readers can also pick up Magnetic Press merchandise and preorder upcoming releases.

Two Magnetic Press comic book releases that can be ordered on their new online store.
Two Magnetic Press comic book releases that can be ordered on their new online store.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Magnetic Press Makes Lemonade

It looks like Magnetic is viewing the industry shutdown as an opportunity to reinvent the way they deliver comics to readers. "We were excited to get back to form with the 2020 relaunch, resuming some of Magnetic's previous initiatives such as our direct webstore and our community engagement," Says Magnetic Press founder Mike Kennedy in a press release announcing the opening. "Despite the dour turn so early in the year with today's quarantine climate, we're actually taking this as a prime opportunity to pivot nimbly into supporting the market more directly, something we had in the plans from the start, but much more immediately valuable for everyone today." The press release goes on to describe the mission of the new store:

In light of numerous challenges facing the comic industry these days, Magnetic is constantly augmenting plans to release new material throughout the year with signature-quality printed books supported by a slate of digital and online content designed to build and engage a vocal community of readers, retailers and creators. With Lisa Wu coming aboard to lead sales efforts across markets under Kennedy and overseen by Polarity's Rick Johnson, comics retailers and independent bookstores are encouraged to contact Wu directly for marketing support and special opportunities.

Speaking of Lisa Wu, here's what she had to say about the new store. "One of our main priorities is to create the best purchasing experience for those in the frontline of comics, the hard-working business owners who support us and our readers everyday" says Lisa Wu. "With this direct interface, Magnetic Press can share valuable insights about the buying trends and preferences of their individual stores, provide relevant, free promotional materials, and funnel our followers to their stores through our community outreach programs. Retailers are an important part of our 'Magnetic' family."

Introductory discounts at the Magnetic Press web store range from 25-51% off retail prices. The store also has a reward point based loyalty program. Upcoming new releases that can be preordered on the store include GenPet by Damian and Alex Fuentes, Streamliner by Fane, and Gunland by Captain Artiglio. In addition to even more new releases Magnetic says they'll announce soon, there's also new installments of Nils: The Tree of Life by Jerome Hamon and Antoine Carrion, Infinity 8 by Lewis Trondheim, and KLAW by Ozanam and Jurion on the way. Check out the Magnetic Press web store here.

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