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Lupin The 3rd Will Be Getting A Tabletop RPG & Art Book
TMS Entertainment revealed today they have partnered with Magnetic Press to create and release a Lupin The 3rd Tabletop RPG The move comes as part of the anime's 50th Anniversary as they are looking to expose more people to the world's greatest gentlemen thief and his band of cohorts, giving you a chance to play[...]
Magnetic Press Play Launched, Unveils First Tabletop Game Project
Magnetic Press, an award-winning publisher of graphic novels, has launched a new imprint with a focus on tabletop gaming! Called Magnetic Press Play, the new company imprint will be unveiling a large number of licensed tabletop games based on anime and other original and classic intellectual properties Their first project will be based on the[...]
Magnetic Press Announces Double Sci Fi Graphic Novel Kickstarter
Eisner-nominated and international award-winning graphic novel and art book publisher Magnetic Press has announced two extraordinary tales of speculative hard science-fiction by award-winning, visionary graphic novelist Mathieu Bablet in a new Kickstarter campaign launching this Tuesday May 25th, 2021, at 10 AM CST. Magnetic Press, Kickstarter Author Mathieu Bablet's storytelling gained critical recognition for telling smart and deeply empathetic[...]
Small World: Magnetic Press Unveils Kickstarter for Cyberpunk Fantasy
Magnetic Press has announced their latest exciting Kickstarter graphic novel campaign to follow their successful offerings of PARIS 2119, ASTER OF PAN, BRINDILLE, WAHCOMMO, and MONOLITH  — a dark sci-fi fantasy tale for grown-ups called SMALL WORLD, written by JD MORVAN and illustrated by celebrated mangaka TORU TERADA! "Small World" Kickstarter key art, Magnetic Press Described as "a Cyberpunk fairytale" and "Peter Pan meets Akira," Small World mixes elements of[...]
Monolith: A Graphic Novel Kickstarter from Magnetic Press
Publisher Magnetic Press, which has produced several highly successful Kickstarters in 2020, is giving readers an opportunity to get an exclusive print of this cinematic, psychological thriller for pre-registering before the kickstart launch date, Tuesday, February 9th at 10 AM CST Pledge your support early for a bonus limited edition print by LRNZ!: "Monolith" Kickstarter[...]
Brindille: Magnetic Press Launches Kickstarter for Graphic Novel
It's time for another Kickstarter campaign from Magnetic Press, who turns out gorgeous, high-quality graphic novels This time, it's for a book called Brindille They commissioned Ben Caldwell (DC ON PREZ, Wonder Woman) for their EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION Variant Cover for the publisher's upcoming Kickstarter  BRINDILLE  by award-winning creators Frederic Brremaud and Federico Bertolucci[...]
Wahcommo: Magnetic Press Announces Kickstarter for Graphic Novel
Publisher Magnetic Press issued a statement yesterday announcing it is launching a new Kickstarter for WAHCOMMO, a sprawling dark fantasy graphic novel by acclaimed artist Luis NCT.  This classic high-fantasy tale is filled with monsters, trials, mythical cities, and faced-paced adventure mixed with a coming-of-age identity drama to life in gorgeous, archival-quality hardcover. Luis is best known for his work as a[...]
Exclusive Peach Momoko Art For Bleeding Cool Backers of Paris 2119
It can't be news to many that Peach Momoko has become one of the hottest artists on variant covers right now.  Well, next Tuesday sees the launch by Magnetic Press on Kickstarter for their mind-bending cyberpunk love story, Paris 2119 by authors Zep and Dominique Bertail, and they are offering a campaign exclusive limited-edition variant[...]
Magnetic Press, which transformed back from a Lion Forge imprint to a full publisher earlier this year, has reopened its online store The Magnetic Press web store allows customers to purchase new and backlist titles directly from the publisher, and for an introductory discount as well Readers can also pick up Magnetic Press merchandise and[...]
Without Andrew Jackson To Stop Them, Darby Pop Secedes From Comics Union
Ignoring the history lessons imparted on us by President Donald Trump, comic book publisher Darby Pop has decided to break away from its partnership with Magnetic Press and IDW and go solo, according to a report from Newsarama The publisher previously needed other companies to help get its books into the Diamond monopoly system, but[...]
Magnetic Press' Fall / Winter Line-Up Includes Rob Schneider
Magnetic Press is entering their third year of publishing and they have five new graphic novels coming up this fall / winter to go with a few previously announced books Their line-up is pretty diverse including offerings for younger readers and even a book by comedian Rob Schneider and his wife Patricia Schneider. LITTLE TALES is[...]
Warship Jolly Rogers Sets Sail In July
We've got a six-page preview for Magnetic Press' new graphic novel Warship Jolly Rogers Book One: No Turning Back Created and illustrated by Miquel Montllo and written by Sylvain Runberg will be hitting shops this July. Set in a gritty, star-spanning future, where mankind has colonized planets throughout the galaxy, former Confederation Commander Jon T[...]
24-Page Preview Of Golem By LRNZ
Back in November, we showed you an 8-page preview for the new Magnetic Press book Golem by writer/illustrator LRNZ Now the book is hitting shelves this week and the publisher has sent over a much larger preview… 24 pages in total. Set in a future, post-Eurozone Italy, entrenched in a culture of hyper-capitalism, GOLEM follows young[...]
Antoine Ozanam And Joel Jurion Bring Klaw To Magnetic Press
Magnetic Press will be publishing Antoine Ozanam and Joel Jurion's young adult graphic novel Klaw The series explores a world of ancient mythology and conflict between races of zodiacal Were-Animals who hide just under the surface of modern life.   "We have been in love with this story for a long time," said Magnetic Press President & Publisher Mike[...]
First 20-Pages Of Poet Aderson – The Dream Walker
Magnetic Press has sent out a 20-page preview for their Poet Anderson – The Dream Walker: Deluxe Hardcover Collected Edition The book is by Tom Delonge and includes the three issues of the series, 20 pages of concept art and an instrumental version of Angels & Airwaves album The Dream Walker It is based on[...]