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Today at Comic-Con we will finally officially learn more about Marvel's upcoming AXIS event, and we can see how many aspects of the series we got right. Have we got it all right, or is there more to this series to be revealed?

Stay tuned to this liveblog for all the latest info as it happens,  and forgive any spelling errors while I get this all to you

We have EiC Axel Alonso, editors Mike Marts & Nick Lowe and series writer Rick Remender here to tell us all, along with editor Jordan D White.

First up, All New Captain America – Sam Wilson, the Falcon, becoming Cap, which seemed to excite the crowd, with new action possibilities as Sam still has use of his wings. Also revealed, an Alex Ross variant cover

Ian Rogers (Cap's adopted son from Dimension Z) will be the new Nomad, with the villains being a rejuvenated Hydra

Remender on Immonen, hes able to tell stories so well, and he's always on time. A treat to get to work with Immonen, he's one of the very, very best. Immonen draws a bit in tne end of Cap#25 that sets up the new Hydra, and some characters from Remender's Winter Soldier: The Bitter March book

Announced Avengers: Rage of Ultron OGN by Remender and Jerome Opena coming in April…respectively, we informed you of this at an earlier juncture

Opena is doing the work of his life, according to Remender. In terms of story, its something that felt like The Killing Joke that introduced skme characters and had major effects on continuity going forward. Scenes shown are from a flashback where actions affect the current Post-AXIS team, with new members, and Starfox still play a big role and an all new kind of Ultron

On AXIS: Cap #24 and Uncanny Avengers #24 lead in to the event. Lead in in Cap is dealing with the Red Skull and what Zola is really up to, some returns that haven't been spoiled yet. In Uncanny, members of the team are needed by the Skull to effect his plans.

Already announced stuff in Magneto #9 and Loki: Agent of Asgard #6, Magneto plays a big role in AXIS

AXIS split into three acts. Lowe promises that Marvel will not spoil Act 2′s ending, and advised to avoid places that would spoil it. Adam Kubert on art

Remender points out the Avengers will be facing off against Plantman at first, and he loves the villain and wants to return to him

One of the priorities in the Avengers office is to make the Vision the bad ass he's meant to be…almost like he has an appearance in a certain future film coming up. Vision also has a huge role in the Avengers OGN

Cyclops and Havok arm in arm on AXIS #2 cover, as the brothers face huge ramifications going forward, with a bond forming

AXIS: Carnage – promises we will love artist on the series. AXIS: Hobgoblin – still not revealing too much about them but they have huge links to AXIS. Picks up on a lot of Goblin Nation threads

AXIS: Revolutions, a companion series just like Original Sins is to the main event. Uncanny Avengers ties in in October too, bringing the Magneto and Red Skull fight. Acuna on art, tsking his time to knock the issue out of the park. AXIS is born out of the conflict between Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and the solution they find to solve the situation which may cause many problems

Deadpool ties in in October and again, they can't reveal much, All New X-Factor also ties in

Q&A starts now: Marvel always does epic events, how do previous events inform what's coming in AXIS?
LOWE: points out they've never rebooted, ghey don't have to, their universe isn't broken and Remender just came to them with this great event idea

A tiny Captain America wonders what is coming up with the Fantastic Four, and Lowe reveals that this story just doesn't really involve them. Alonso did admit that at gne recent retreat they were discussing a story that's forming and the FF will be a big part of that

Will we ever get to see Avengers as regulars in X-Books? As soon as they mutate.

Its harder to make sense for an Avenger to join X-Men

Big fan of Onslaught storylinem excited by Red Onslaught, how did Remender think to include that character? Remender credits Tom Breevort, who suggested using Onslaught, which Remender was initially resistant to. But after thinking about it, it struck him as gold

Asking about if there's any plans on improving the Marvel app for finding out linked comics to AXIS? Bigged up Marvel Unlimited app, and they would love to improve it to include links to comics that tie in or had set up for stories.

British kid asks why Green Goblin changed to Hobgoblin on AXIS#1 cover, and it's revealed it was just an editorial decision when they realised what Slott was doing with Norman Osborn didn't fit in with AXIS

Question about longform storytelling, do they build off each other, or does he know the years worth of stories before he starts? Remender just talks about how sometkmes he comes up with tons of ideas and works them all together, many plans were for year three of Uncanny X-Force, which got gutted and reused for Uncanny Avengers

Does an event book change how you write the book? Remender suggests that he and Kieron Gillen came up with the idea of Iron Man selling an app that inckudes Extremis, and that this plays a huge role in AXIS act one, and he teases a return villain coming up that will surprise everyone

Zola was the one who inserted Xavier's brain into the Red Skull's

Anything coming up for Madrox and Dani Moonstar? Madrox has a guest appearance in a non-X-Men or AXIS book, but can't reveal anything about either character

Why is there no X-Men panel? Remender jokes that they decided that X-Men are done, which leads to the whlle panel joking about the whole X-Men ending rumor. But Remender promises that the X-Men are a huge presence in AXIS, the return of an X-Villain who hasn't been seen in ages, and the X-Men making a stand in a way yhat hasn't been seen before

Sorry, lost connectivity for a second there, but female Thor is not a part of AXIS, but ODINSON will (which is what I guess they are calling the unworthy Thor)

Promises that there will be big things coming up for Odinson's relationship with Loki, a majoy character arc of AXIS

There were no plans that they recall to kill Cyclops at AvX, it may have been an idea in the room at a retreat, there was even an idea to kill all the Avengers and replace them with X-Men in that event.

How did they decide to make Falcon the new Cap and has there been any negative backlash? Its been mostly positive reaction wise, and tne decision came from after putting Steve through the meat-grinder, how can they still have Steve in the book but no longer able to be Cap, and using Sam in his Nuke arc, he realised this man from a different generation to Cap would be the perfect choice, with a unique spin and perspective on America

Alonso points out the increased diversity of Avengers NOW was borne out of writers ideas, the creatives, and not editorial at all

Suggested that the returning x-villain may be Apocalypse related, and there are pkans to bring Elixir back soon.

There are definitely plans to involve the teen characters in the Marvel Universe on the horizon

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