Marvel Has a Secret Skottie Young Project Page… What Are They Hiding?!

Tuesday night. After 11PM here in the Midwestern United States. In England, home of Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston, it's after 4AM. But that didn't stop Rich from popping into the Bleeding Cool bullpen to demand that someone cover this breaking story, and that they do it tonight! Time is running out!!!

"Oi!" Rich said, "If any of you blokes could write this up tonight that would be a good thing, it would. Pip pip!"

Why would Rich wake up at 4AM to tell us to write about what appears to be little more than a signup form so that Marvel can market future Skottie Young products to potential customers via spam emails? Did Rich wake up from a dead sleep, fresh from a vivid nightmare about this secret Skottie Young project, sweat pouring from his brow, compelled with an undeniable urge to get this story up on Bleeding Cool as soon as possible (but not compelled enough to write it himself)?

We may never know. Well, at least, not until tomorrow morning when we ask him. But clearly it's important. So here it is.

Marvel has a secret Skottie Young project, inventively titled "Secret Skottie Project." To promote the project, they have a page, and that page says:


This fall, Marvel will be launching a new exclusive product featuring Skottie Young's amazing illustrations. Sign up and be the first to learn about this secret project!

Plus, you'll earn 10,000 Marvel Insider points just for signing up!

So what is Marvel planning to sell? A new comic? Collectible dolls or statues? Skottie Young's stinky used sweat socks for perverts? The possibilities are limitless. The fact is, we don't know anything more than what it says on the page.

But if you click the button to sign up, you can enter your email (and optionally uncheck an option to allow Marvel to send you email about other stuff as well), and then, presumably, at some point in the future, you'll learn more about this secret project.

And you had better do it now. Why? We don't know. But Rich seemed to think it was important.

Marvel Has a Secret Skottie Young Project Page... What Are They Hiding?


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