Won't Somebody at Marvel Please Get Tom King a Copy of The Vision?

Contrary to what you may have heard, when it comes to getting comps of your own work from Marvel, it is not, in fact, "good to be the king." And we're not even talking about Jack "King" Kirby, whose original artwork Marvel is rumored to have given out as door prizes over the years rather than returned to him. This time, it's writer Tom King who is having trouble getting his hands on copies of his own work from the House of Ideas.

Is it because King left Marvel for rival DC Comics to not only write Batman, but also to repeat his critically acclaimed Vision success with Mister Miracle?

Probably not. It seems that Marvel may just be stingy all around with the comps. After all, this is the company that wouldn't even buy Jim Starlin a ticket to see Avengers so he could watch the character he created, Dione the Mad Titan, make his first movie appearance. And when Jamie McKelvie expressed a similar lack of comps of his own work in Young Avengers, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston suggested he should have picked them up back when Marvel was liquidating the trades.

You snooze, you lose, McKelvie. Will Tom King make the same mistake, or will he head to his local comic shop and buy his wife a copy of The Vision right away? Or will someone at Marvel be embarrassed about this whole thing and just mail them a copy? Or at least a Marvel Unlimited subscription?

Hopefully, King will updated us all on Twitter, whatever happens.

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