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Marvel Reveals Devil's Triangle of Devil's Reign Comics for December

Last month, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston reported that Marvel has canceled Daredevil as of Daredevil #36. Two weeks later, Johnston reported that Marvel would launch a Daredevil super-mega-crossover event called Devil's Reign by the same creative team. What kind of a**hole reports that a book has been canceled when it's actually just come to a natural stopping point and will likely be replaced by something similar? You know what? Don't answer that.

In any case, Devil's Reign kicks off in December, shaking the Marvel Universe to its foundations and leaving nothing the same again. Shaking the Marvel Universe to its foundations, of course, is one of Joe Quesada's 22 Cheap Sales-Boosting Gimmicks That Always Work, and Daredevil, who hasn't been the center of one of these since Shadowland back in 2010, was due for one.

Here's some more details from the press release:

The recently announced Marvel Comics event DEVIL'S REIGN launches this December with two exciting issues!

The highly anticipated saga from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto will see Kingpin on a vicious quest to rid the world of Super Heroes through any means necessary, and he'll have an army of Super Villains at his command to see it through. Consisting of Crossbones, Taskmaster, Typhoid Mary, Shocker, Whiplash, Rhino, and Kraven, this deadly new team of Thunderbolts will report for duty in DEVIL'S REIGN #2 and represent only the opening salvo of Kingpin's plan to remake the Marvel Universe in his own image.

We've already seen the cover for Devil's Reign #1, but in a new press release, Marvel has revealed the cover for Devil's Reign #2, hitting stores in December, and Spider-Woman #18, making for a veritable Devil's Triangle of Devil's Reign comics that month.

It's no surprise that Devil's Reign will feature a Devil's Triangle, a drinking game played by Matt Murdock's fellow legal professional, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Which Marvel characters may be involved in a Devil's Triangle during this event? We already know that Cyclops, Wolverine, and Jean Grey frequently play the drinking game together. Could Matt Murdock, Kingpin, and Elektra be planning to play Devil's Triangle at Kingpin's bachelor party? The sky's the limit for Devil's Triangles during the Devil's Reign super-mega-crossover event, is what we figure. And Chip Zdarksy and Marvel agree.

Our Daredevil plan just kept getting bigger and bigger, to the point where it would clearly affect the Marvel Universe in huge ways. Thankfully, Marvel recognized this as well and gave Marco and I the opportunity to tell the story on a massive stage with DEVIL'S REIGN! This is a proper Marvel event springing from the pages of Daredevil and I think all Marvel readers will love what's coming!

Yes, Marvel readers will definitely love what's coming during the Devil's Triangle of Devil's Reign this December. Here's some more info on the Spider-Woman tie-in:

DEVIL'S REIGN will also tie into some of your favorite ongoing series including December's SPIDER-WOMAN #18 by series creative team, writer Karla Pacheco and artist Pere Pérez. Mayor Wilson Fisk is purging vigilantes from his city, and Spider-Woman is on his list! Fisk will do anything to bring her down, including going after her loved ones. It's all on the line for Spider-Woman during DEVIL'S REIGN!

Here's what Pacheco had to say about what's come for Jessica Drew: "When Chip first asked about tying Spider-Woman into this spectacular event, I immediately said 'How did you get this number, and what do you want?' Okay, actually it was more me begging 'PLEAAAAASE CHIP!!! LET ME AND PERE BE A PART OF THIS BIG AWESOME THINGY! WE LOVE DEADPOOL AND *YOU*. After he corrected me that it was a DAREDEVIL event, we were still really stoked about it. I can't wait for everyone to see how Jessica Drew handles the chaos Wilson Fisk is bringing to her world, and we have some absolutely explosive issues coming up. DEVIL'S REIGN threatens everyone Jess loves, AND brings back one of her greatest nemesisiseses in a way I don't think anyone will see coming. Especially not Jess!"

Check out the solicits and covers below.

On Sale 12/1

On Sale 12/15

On Sale 12/29

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