Marvel Rolling Continuity Unwinds As The Fantastic Four Did Fight Galactus In 1966 After All

This is how Marvel continuity works. Characters may have been created in the sixties, but at some point, that started rolling forward. Which means that the Fantastic Four may have originally emerged in 1961 and fought Galactus in 1966, but in current Marvel continuity, the Fantastic Four emerged in around 2002, and probably fought Galactus first in 2003, or something like that. The numbers aren't fixed because they keep moving, keep bringing the characters up to date, without any pesky continuity relaunches.

This can cause some problems – originally Reed Richards and Ben Grimm fought together in World War II, but that has been repeatedly brought forward to other conflicts. Right now it's probably Desert Storm, soon enough it will be Afghanistan.

Or will it? In today's New X-Men Annual, Eva Bell takes a trip through time and shows us…

Image (77)

Fantatsic Four fighting Galactus in the sixties. Somehow. And with that, totally unravels the Marvel rolling continuity.

At least going further gets a lot less specific, wth Xorn and Beast decapitating many an Iron Man, a skull face joining the heads on Mount Rushmore… even an Old Man Logan-style Hawkeye.

Image (78)

But it's never good to get specific, as Illyana and Doctor Strange clarify in today's Uncanny X-Men as well, also written by Brian Bendis,Image (70)


If only Brian had listened to himself!

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently exhibiting the work of Sean Phillips.


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