Marvel Teases Shocking "Final Fate" of Amadeus Cho in World War Hulk 2

Marvel has announced a sequel to World War Hulk to begin in March in The Incredible Hulk #174 from Greg Pak and Carlo Barberi. Since they promised to lay off the super-mega-crossover events for a while, it looks like this won't be getting its own standalone series, but that doesn't mean it can't be packed with the usual universe-shattering, status quo altering, nothing's-ever-gonna-be-the-same-againing goodness as a proper super-mega-crossover event.

For instance, Marvel is teasing the possibility they will kill off a minority character, a staple of Marvel super-mega-crossover events. On the chopping block this time is Amadeus Cho, with Marvel teasing his "final fate" in the press release, headlined "The Final Fate of Amadeus Cho in WORLD WAR HULK II" and tagged with "The Incredible Hulk's story races to its ultimate conclusion!" The press release reads:

This March, Hulk writer Greg Pak and artist Carlo Barberi (All New X-Men) will unleash a totally new chapter in INCREDIBLE HULK #714 with WORLD WAR HULK II, bringing Amadeus Cho back to earth. But Amadeus has changed during his time on Sakaar – since his face-to-face meeting with Bruce Banner in GENERATIONS, Amadeus has had to wrestle with the true nature of his alter ego's brutality and what it means for the world.

Now, unchained and unbridled, the former Totally Awesome Hulk is ready to take matters into his own hands. And as characters such as Black Panther and members of the Champions and Alpha Flight will learn, no one is prepared for what he will unleash on the Marvel Universe!

"What follows Planet Hulk II?" asked Marvel Senior Vice President of Being Passed Over For That Editor-in-Chief Job Once Again Tom Brevoort, doing his best to spin Marvel continuing to just rehash its old storylines over and over as a positive thing. "World War Hulk II, of course! To survive on the savage world of Sakaar, Amadeus Cho was forced to unleash his darkest impulses! Returning to Earth, now the Hulk is at the wheel—and it's a more unpredictable, more unconquerable Hulk than any we've seen before! The heroes of the Marvel Universe must intercede as the Formerly Awesome Hulk begins to carve his own path across the world."

Finally, the press release teases again:

Don't miss "the storyline that will bring Amadeus Cho to his ultimate destiny" when WORLD WAR HULK II begins this March!

Of course, since they're trying so hard to make it seem like they're going to kill him off, it could just as well be a swerve, like the time Marvel told everyone that Akira Yoshida was an actual Japanese artist but he turned out to actually be new Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski all along. A classic bait and switch. If they do decide to kill him off, though, that just means we can get ready for Amadeus Cho: Resurrection in a couple of years. How long is Matthew Rosenberg's EXCLUSIVE contract for?

Written by GREG PAK

Marvel Teases Shocking "Final Fate" of Amadeus Cho in World War Hulk 2

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