Marvel Spoils Big Iron Man Twist Across Entertainment Media

arnoEntertainment Weekly, MTV, THR, even the Windsor Star all jumped on this one, as Marvel decided to run the news of the big plot twist in the new Iron Man.

Obviously, we at Bleeding Cool deplore such activity, except when we do it.

But yes, the cat is out of the bag, Tony Stark is not the biological son of Howard and Maria Stark, he is adopted. And their real son is Arno Stark. Better known as the Iron Man of 2020.

You may recall we teased this very possibility right here last month.

Marvel told the AP;

In it Gillen brings the long-simmering story to its conclusion with Stark finding out that not only is he – again, spoilers – adopted, but that his parents, Howard and Maria, had a son – imbued with alien technology proffered by the rogue android 451 – who has been hidden away from the world, laden with unknown abilities and, perhaps, powers.

Gillen calls it a new challenge for Stark, one that is closer to home and more down to earth than his normal conflicts, which have included villainous masterminds, god-like alien intelligences and mechanical behemoths, among others.

"What could I do to challenge the characters' core conception of their self," Gillen said in an interview of the revelations which find Tony both accepting of them yet still experiencing a swirl of emotion as the facts of his life come out in full view and meeting his brother, Arno, who has been in a hospital his entire life, wanting for nothing, but an enigma regardless.

"When you discover something about yourself, you reprocess. How does it churn in the gut? How do you re-examine your life?" said Gillen. "It's a completely different prism in how you study yourself."

Recent plotlines in Iron Man have found Tony Stark, believed to be the genetically modified child of the Starks, unable to fly the Godkiller suit and almost dooming Earth as a result.

This, we presume is the reason why. And the future-to-be for Arno Stark, the Iron Man of 2020… which is getting closer by the day.

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