The Mighty Captain Marvel #9 Review: Girls' Day Out

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Cover to Mighty Captain Marvel #9 by Meghan Hetrick
Mighty Captain Marvel #9 cover by Meghan Hetrick

The war against Hydra and the Chitauri is over. Alpha Flight is no more. The space station was destroyed. The Ultimates have done their job and freed Eternity. Quasar is gone. Carol Danvers must decide what to do with her life now.

To help her, she enlists the help of two of her closest friends: Jessica Drew, aka Spider Woman, and the legendary PI, Jessica Jones.

Times are tough. She has lost a lot of friends. Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow, is just the most recent one. Captain Marvel also blames herself for not bringing down Captain America before all of this happened.

The two Jessica's also want to see Carol finally get a date again.

It's cool seeing these three characters just hang out together. Carol Danvers, Jessica Drew, and Jessica Jones are all great personalities. It's important to see the heroes doing something outside of the fighting aliens and stopping crime.

It's fun, and we also get to see Carol at an interesting crossroads in her life. There is a lot of humor to be had, even if some of the jokes don't quite land. Seeing the Avengers on a dating app and setting up Carol with "Hero Man" were a couple of instances where the humor was more cringe-y than funny.

Art from Mighty Captain Marvel #9 by Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and Erick Arciniega
Mighty Captain Marvel #9 art by Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and Erick Arciniega

Jessica Jones constantly asking why she can't be Spider Woman's kid's babysitter is funny, even if it is odd that they won't trust her considering she has a daughter of her own.

The art doesn't really work for me, though. It's expressive, but it's children's cartoon-level of too much expression. Faces are contorting in awkward manners. Jessica Jones looks pretty weird. Carol's eyes grow and shrink from scene-to-scene. I'm just not a big fan. Consequently, the color work doesn't really work for me either, as it just adds to the oversaturation and overexpression.

That being said Margaret Stohl's script and dialogue is enough to save the comic from the subpar artwork. The characters are likable, the setup is good, and it's just a fun yet emotionally weighty time. I recommend this one. Pick it up.

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