Monica Rambeau Joins Blade in Marvel Teasers… A No Road Home Sequel?

Earlier today, Marvel sent out a teaser with the tagline "No Compromise. No Mercy." and featuring Blade, for an upcoming project which will be revealed next Tuesday on's The Pull List. Now, Marvel has sent out a new teaser, this time featuring Monica Rambeau, the former Captain Marvel, currently going by the alias Spectrum. The same tagline. The same reveal date.

Monica Rambeau Joins Blade in Marvel Teasers

So what are we looking at here? It no longer appears to be a Blade solo series. Could it be another Avengers 10-issue weekly series, like the previous Avengers: No Surrender and Avengers: No Road Home? Certainly, the "No" taglines would fit, Spectrum did play a major role in No Road Home, and Blade is a member of the Avengers now.

Of course, things will become clearer as more teasers are revealed, so stay tuned and we'll do our best to figure this out and spoil it before Marvel's reveal. We've got 6 days, and we can probably get it done in that time.

Monica Rambeau Joins Blade in Marvel Teasers

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