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WandaVision: Monica Rambeau Poster Buffy Star Emma Caulfield Cast

WandaVision: Monica Rambeau Poster; "Buffy" Star Emma Caulfield Cast

Next up, we shine the spotlight on Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau: though older and more experienced since we last met her in Captain Marvel, will Rambeau's experiences be enough to prepare her for what Westview has to offer? Here's a look at Parris' Rambeau, followed by a look at the poster for Kathryn Hahn's (Mrs[...]

WandaVision Star Teyonah Parris Talks Badass Monica Rambeau

WandaVision Star Teyonah Parris Talks "Badass" Monica Rambeau

So with that in mind and with the live-action series expected to premiere this December, series star Teyonah Parris checked in with Kelley Carter over at The Undefeated to discuss her upcoming role as Monica Rambeau, how her acting career prepared her to enter the MCU, and why having such "badass" representation is so important.[caption[...]

LEGO SDCC Exclusive Captain Marvel Set Revealed

LEGO SDCC Exclusive Captain Marvel Set Revealed

The set will clock in at 271 pieces and features Captain Marvel, a Flerken Goose, and Monica Rambeau, which are all exclusive to this set only The Asis is in a flying pose on a stand attached to a base as well Check it out below! Captain Marvel LEGO SDCC Exclusive [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1048548,1048554"]The LEGO box[...]

Monica Rambeau Joins Blade in Marvel Teasers&#8230 A No Road Home Sequel

Monica Rambeau Joins Blade in Marvel Teasers… A No Road Home Sequel?

Now, Marvel has sent out a new teaser, this time featuring Monica Rambeau, the former Captain Marvel, currently going by the alias Spectrum The same tagline The same reveal date.So what are we looking at here? It no longer appears to be a Blade solo series Could it be another Avengers 10-issue weekly series, like[...]

Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Looks So Good You Wont Want To Open It

Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Looks So Good You Won't Want To Open It

The set features six new figures, including Lady Loki, Elsa Bloodstone, She-Hulk, Lady Sif, Monica Rambeau, and Singularity The packaging on this one is a beautiful window box that opes to reveal all six figures and a panel explaining who each one is, in case anyone buying this set has no idea or never read[...]

Who Is The Mysterious Spider-Hero In Mighty Avengers #1

Who Is The Mysterious Spider-Hero In Mighty Avengers #1?

But who is it?He has a history with Monica Rambeau.A muscle man with a history of saving the world.And can't be seen in the country And have some kind of power base So.. who?I do hope it's The Captain.Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London Currently exhibiting Sophie's World, digitally manipulated photos of Sophie Alred[...]

A New Blacker Mightier Avengers

A New, Blacker, Mightier Avengers

We have Luke Cage, Monica Rambeau as Spectrum, Falcon, White Tiger, a new Ronin, She-Hulk, Blue Marvel and Spider-Man.A couple of years ago, Tom Brevoort was quoted as saying; and at least two different people pitched this at two different times -- was an idea that never got as far as an official title, but it[...]