Monkey Robotics For Next Superman Villain, And More From DC Comics At San Diego

Peter Sailer liveblogged the DC Comics panel New Faces Familiar Places right here,

This panel is supposed to be David Finch discussing what it's like to draw Wonder Woman and John Romita Jr's opinion taking on Superman. I think Greg Capullo was supposed to be here too given that the description reads "For the first time ever, these three all-star creators sit down and discuss what it is like to work on the Trinity" but Capullo is again sick though he sends his "giant muscled love."


Larry Ganem introduces John Romita Jr. as "DC's newest employee," and congratulates for having "finally made it to the big leagues" which gets a big laugh from the crowd. He's also the "son of the nicest guy in comics." It's confirmed that Pat Gleason will be discussing Batman during this panel. "I always feel more comfortable drawing darker and more grittier characters," Finch says about drawing Batman. He also agrees with Gleason who enjoys drawing shadows. "When in doubt, black it out.


A variant cover by Romita Jr. of Futures End #1 is shown as JR's only Batman work although he points out that he drew the Batman/Punisher crossover.

"I don't have that issue," Ganem jokes who transitions to JRJR's Superman work. A splash page of Superman punching a giant monkey from Superman #32 is shown on the screen. Romita hints that the robotics from the monkey will lead into the next arc's villain.

"This will make the news," Ganem says.


Romita discusses the scene in Superman #32 where Clark cooks a steak with heat vision and how h


e likes drawing no-dialogue scene. Gleason then talks about Batman & Robin #18 and the work behind drawing a silent issue.


Ganem asks Finch about his work on no-dialogue issues. "You've done some silent stuff even though you've worked with Bendis for a few years." This panel is hilarious – lots of dry humor. Romita talks about how his inspiration for Ulysses design came from a biker he saw who looked like a Hulk Hogan like figure, although, Ganem points out that he changed the image enough to avoid copyright issues.


Ganem asks Romtia if he's having fun drawing Superman. "The most fun you can have with your clothes on," JRJR replies.

Finch discusses his upcoming run and the challenges drawing Wonder Woman. He admits that he sometimes has trouble with proportions and drawing women's faces which is why he'll spend 75% of the time focusing on Wonder Woman's face. I have to admit that it's refreshing to hear an artist critique their own work in depth. Props to David.


Ganem asks Finch what's it's like working with his wife who replies that's it's a dream.
"Sweetheart, take out the trash and give me five pages," Finch jokes, impersonating his wife.


After a quick retrospective of Gleason and Finch's career at DC, we cut to the Q&A.

One questioner asks whether a writer will ever request that the artist can't draw. JRJR says yes and promises to "name names."

Mark Millar once asked him to crash the SHIELD helicarrier in the middle of Times Square at 5′ o'clock in the afternoon. "Screw yourself, I'm not gonna do that," Romita says. He continues talking about how every writer he's worked for except for artist-writers like Frank Miller or John Bryne thinks he "animate panels" by shoving too much action in one panel.

This panel was entertaining especially with Ganem's dry wit and JRJR's epic rant and an interesting introspective into three very talented artists.

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