Nerd Food: Free Slurpee Day At 7-Eleven!

Every year on July 11, my mom and I head to 7-Eleven for our yearly free, small Slurpee. It's a clever gimmick 7-Eleven has been doing for years on July 11 (7/11) from 11am-7pm. This is seriously the one time a year when I'll drink a Slurpee, as they are impossibly sugary and sweet.

It's actually impressive as hell that 7-Eleven is 90, so happy birthday to them. The quick stop food mart is known world wide, and for the most part they serve alright food at super low prices. Their history is pretty interesting as well, if you feel like reading up on them. In years past I was a fan of their hot dogs, but now that I'm a passable adult with sort of refined taste, I don't eat them as often.

This year my dad decided to get in on the action, which is a huge thing for him. My dad doesn't eat junk food. Seriously. In the 31 years I've known the man I've never seen him eat anything with sugar, nor have I ever seen him drink. Maybe I stopped his party animal days, but knowing my dad he never had days like that. I'm also not insulting you dad, please don't call me up angry after you read this article.

Nerd Food: Free Slurpee Day At 7-Eleven!

I opted for Wild Cherry, while my parents got frozen lemonade. The cherry isn't bad at all. It's not overtly sweet, and it's an excellent choice for a quick cool down on a hot day. Today wasn't terribly hot though (in fact, it's raining now) but hey, free food.

For the record, it's also free Chic-Fil-A day (if you dress us like a cow), and if you go to Planet Fitness, it's also free bagel Tuesday. You're damn right I took advantage of a free bagel. So happy free food day, may you all find some food you like somewhere.

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