New Art From Rob Liefeld's Hawk And Dove

Rob Liefeld has been sharing some of his production artwork for Hawk And Dove #1. He writes;

Working with Sterling Gates, acclaimed Supergirl and Supeman writer is the icing on the cake. I'm a huge Sterling fan, both the person and the talent. His passion for Hawk and Dove is amazing, his outline for the series brings me back to the feeling I had reading the original outline from the Kesel's. We are both having a great time bringing this series together. Issue #1 has a tremendous cliff-hanger, it gets the ball rolling in a huge way! I've posted a few pictures I did last fall as I geared up for the eventual assignment.

I sketched this up on my ipad, again seeking to get reacquainted with Hawk and Dove. This was before I was given the re-designs from Jim Lee. I'm not great with color, but it served as another building block for the eventual assignment.

This is a rough sketch that I declined to use as a cover, but again, it depicts the pair in action, contrasting their styles and energy.

This was done to illustrate their contrast in size, Hawk is a powerful force of nature, Dove is smaller but no less a slouch as far as power and influence. This produced the energy I was seeking.

More to come here…

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