Nick Spencer And Paco Medina To Relaunch Ultimate Comics X-Men In September

It began with Mark Millar and Adam Kubert, the second of the Ultimate Universe books at Marvel. Retelling the X-Men tales with a younger, sexier, less continuity heavy crew. And it then, basically went all over the place, becoming the regular X-Men's ugly stunted cousin shoved up in the attic.

Well, as part of Marvel's The Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn relaunching of the Ultimate line, in September, Ultimate Comics X-Men will relaunch from issue 1, to be written by Morning Glory and Infinite Vacationer himself, Nick Spencer and drawn by Deadpool and Vampire X-Men artist Paco Medina. In a press conference recorded online we learnt the following;

The current climate of the Ultimate Universe for mutants is very "Days of Future Past," with dwindling numbers and the government essentially giving orders to shoot mutants on sight

Nick reminds that there are many former X-Men still out there, including Jean Grey, Iceman, Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler, all of who will be featured

The main cast: Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Johnny Storm & Jimmy Hudson, Karen Grant, aka Jean Grey, as well as Liz Allan, Storm, Colossus and other characters from Ultimate X will be involved. Rogue will also be part of the main cast

The secret genesis of the government creating mutants told in Ultimate Origins will be revealed at the start of Ultimate Comics X-Men

"Mutants thought up until this point they might be the next step in evolution, but it turns out they're just a lab experiment gone wrong." -Nick Spencer

Nick and Axel both praising Paco Medina, how far he has come in the last couple years, how much energy he brings and how excited they are to have him on Ultimate Comics X-Men

"Ultimate Comics X was the reaction to Ultimatum. This is the next step." -Nick Spencer

Nick speaking now on how a lot of Ultimate Comics X-Men and the world of mutants in the Ultimate Universe will grow out of Death of Spider-Man as well as Jonathan Hickman's world-building in Ultimate Comics Ultimates

"This book is less about saving the world and more about a group of kids deciding to stick together and save each other." -Nick Spencer

Nick thinks the fact that Professor X and Magneto are gone and "the legends are dead, both sides of the argument are done" makes the landscape even more exciting.

"Our very first scene in Ultimate Comics X-Men will show how different the world really is. In our first arc you'll see why neither Professor X or Magneto's ideologies still work." -Nick Spencer

Characters will be trying to step up to fill the leadership void left by Xavier and Magneto, but whether or not they succeed will be a big part of the story.

There will be a "major adversary" popping up on the other side of the globe who represents a long-term threat and has a lot to do with the rejection of the idea that mutants are a lab experiment gone wrong.

We're asking about the status of Nightcrawler

"He's dead." -Nick Spencer

There will definitely be crossover between the Ultimates and the X-Men. The new writers enjoy working with each other. A lot of what Jonathan Hickman does in Ultimate Comics Ultimates will be reflected in Ultimate Comics X-Men.

There will be a lot of new characters. "You don't get Paco Medina and not give him new characters to write." -Nick Spencer

"This is in many ways Kitty and Rogue's book." -Nick Spencer

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