Nightwing #26 Review: The Return Of Huntress!

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Nightwing #26 Review: The Return Of Huntress!

With the death of Brendan "Giz" Li and his breakup with Shawn Tsang, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing is having to cope with a lot of pain in his life. Adding to his complications is the return of the Huntress, Dick's old partner from Spyral. She claims to have some leads on Giz's murderer, a hitman named Dracul. The two go onto the trail of this hitman, which leads them to Italy.

Meanwhile, Shawn and her old costumed compatriot, the Pigeon, are considering a return to their costumed identities — and maybe even a little thievery.

This is a well-rounded issue that handles its own pacing masterfully. There are a lot of heavy character moments, but the back half still offers a lot of good action sequences and fun.

In regards to the "steamy sexy naked scene," it felt more comical than anything. It seems a little weird that Dick went out into his apartment to fight off an unknown assailant with his Nightwing costume as a makeshift garrote. That seems like a good way to lose his secret identity. That tiny towel must have been superglued to his hips, though.

Nightwing #26 Review: The Return Of Huntress!

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli and Helena Wayne; I like them both) has always been one of my favorite DC heroes, so it is nice to see guest star in Nightwing and offering some closure to the Spyral storyline. I also really dig the new duds. There is some smug mixed in with her aggression that makes her a really fun foil to Nightwing's generally upbeat demeanor, even if he is in a dark place in this book.

The developments that Shawn Tsang goes through seem interesting.

Nightwing having to cope with the anger that he is just as capable of carrying as his more brooding comrades is an intriguing turn for the Flying Grayson, too. He's always been one of the more upbeat and high-flying DC heroes, which is why I love him. However, if he were just that, he wouldn't be a very deep character. As such, it's nice seeing him have to cope with the potential that he has a dark and selfish side, too.

Javier Fernandez's art is great. He skillfully depicts action scenes and slower moments. The figures look great, characters are expressive, and the combat is impactful. The color art of Chris Sotomayor's color art is balanced really well, and the two make a great artistic team.

This is a great entry into the saga of Nightwing. It has action, character, and a fantastic guest-star in Huntress to balance out Nightwing himself. This one definitely earns its recommendation.

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