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Wally West should have known better, of course, you'd never get that sort of thing from Batman… Catwoman: Lonely City #3 Okay, looks like future Batman in Catwoman: Lonely City has been taking lessons from Wally over this sort of thing… still not letting Dick Grayson live it down, many years into the future as well. FLASH #781[...]
Nightwing #88 Review: Flawless, Efficient
Credit: DC Comics Dick Grayson has more than a billion dollars, and he intends to use it to improve the city of Bludhaven He's not doing that by fielding cutting-edge military-grade technology against poor people in alleys; no, he's creating affordable housing for some of the city's most vulnerable people Unfortunately for some, improvements in the[...]
Not having to deal with waiting around for renewal news, Brenton Thwaites (Nightwing aka Dick Grayson) spoke with EW about his hopes for the fourth season (which he readily admits he knows nothing about: "Not a single idea, mate") Here's a look at the highlights (and consider this a SPOILER warning): Image: HBO Max Bringing More Characters[...]
Nightwing & Batgirl Revealed As Heterosexual (Nightwing #85 Spoilers)
Nightwing and Batgirl, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon With Starfires, Jason Todds and Bruce Waynes along the way… in Death Metal, DC Comics fans of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon getting together got a moment together Batman married them both It was real but then everything got rebooted and restarted, but everything is meant to[...]
The First Robin To Do What Batman Never Did - Nightwing #76 Spoilers
Dick Grayson is Nightwing, the first Robin, sidekick of Batman, and a superhero in his own right, protecting the neighbouring city to Gotham, Blüdhaven in New Jersey, in the DC Comics Universe Over the decades, Batman has been criticised by many for the way he deals with Gotham and its criminals Possibly most eloquently by[...]
Defacer Was Put In Suicide Squad For Drawing A D*** On Dick Grayson
But not, it seems, if you are the ex-girlfriend of Dick Grayson, Nightwing In the Nightwing series a couple of years ago, writer Tim Seeley gave Dick a girlfriend, the graffiti artist and activist known as Defacer. Shawn Tsang, who knew Nightwing and Dick were the same, and who chose not to broadcast that via her[...]
First up, we have mini-teasers getting viewers up to speed on how things stand with Brenton Thwaites' Dick Grayson aka Nightwing and Anna Diop's Kory Anders aka Starfire. Image: HBO Max From Dick's evolution from Robin to Nightwing to Kory learning more about her royal past, here's a look at HBO Max's Titans, returning for Season 3[...]
Mr Nightwing Had A Daughter Under Mrs Nightwing's Nose
Dick Grayson Family Tree time! Bleeding Cool scooped the goss a while back before it hit the shelves In last month's Nightwing #81, it was revealed that the new mayor of Bludhaven, Melinda Zucco, the estranged daughter of Tony Zucco, part of the Zucco family of Bludhaven, and seen working for the Marini crime family[...]
As Nightwing #81 gets into her relationship with Dick Grayson and it turns out that she has a big secret she leaves till the very end. Instead, she is revealed as the daughter of John Grayson And so happens to be Dick Grayson's long-lost sister – or half-sister Maybe we will find out more in a[...]
Nightwing #80 Review: A Winner
Credit: DC Comics Dick Grayson has a lot going on The death of one of his father figures, Alfred Pennyworth, has left him rich Within the first 24 hours of that (all shown in the last issue), he's bought food for a homeless encampment, rented a hotel room for a homeless man and his son, had[...]
This time around, Brenton Thwaites aka Dick Grayson aka Nightwing is checking in to show Titans fans how workout and training happen in Canada during those… let's just say, "less than warm and cozy months." Titans (Image: Screencap) "Titans fans If you've ever wondered how I train during the winter months in Canada Here it is[...]
DC Comics' Nightwing, Batgirl and Starfire Triangle (Spoilers)
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Starfire-Crossed Lovers – The Daily LITG, 26th April 2021 DC Comics' Nightwing, Batgirl and Starfire Love Triangle? (Spoilers) Karate Kid Johnny Lawrence Returns to the Dojo With Icon Heroes The Controversial Star Wars #42 Appearance of Boba Fett Up for Auction The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Elliot Page Sends Some Love[...]
DC Comics' Nightwing, Batgirl and Starfire Triangle (Spoilers)
The following article will include spoilers for recent Nightwing and Death Metal comic books that you have probably read but also Teen Titans Academy #2, out this Tuesday, which it is possible you have read – but less likely. Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories Of The DC Universe #1 Dick Grayson, Nightwing and Barbara Grayson,[...]