NYCC Arkham Origins Panel: Trailer, Year 2, And A Shocking Turn Of Events For Batman


Kirk Staley and Pete Sailer doing the play-by-play for the Arkham Origins liveblog:

Last Question: "Can you sing a line as the voice of the Joker?"
Hooooooooooooooooooooooly Moooooooooooley. I can't liveblog that justice. It was AWESOME!

5th Q: "What characters from the Batman Universe has an effect on you the most?"
Baker. "This is such a punk answer…Batman, duh. Dick Grayson for his own reasons. Jason Todd for his own characters. Harley Quinn, but the Joker…hands down."

4th Q: Robin cosplayer asks if there will be a "Robin moment in the campaign."
Eric: "Unfortunately, no. Year Three is when you see Grayson and this is Year Two."

Lots of neat little moments between Bruce and Alfred.

3rd Q: "How will you get to echo the tragedy of Bruce Wayne and how he came to be Batman. How did you feel what to be necessary for this game?"
Eric: "Batman is an idea in our heads. Trying to conjure him up in a younger, less refined form was key to that."

2nd Q: What challenges did you face while creating this game?
Baker: Making sure that you do not disservice the legacy of the character.
Smith: "Literally trying to get all the pressure and the sense that this day would come out of head."
Eric Holmes: "Choosing what not to do, because there's so many characters and so many gadgets. Killing your babies. Killing your darlings. And yes, babies were slain."

Asker gets an Origins decal and batarang keychain.

Q&A time:

First Q: Will there be any other factions in multiplayer besides Joker and Bane's?
Eric: There are PR people that restrict what he can say. He doesn't know because Montreal only worked on the campaign, not the multiplayer.

Batman will acquire the new gadget, the Shock Gloves, by defeating the Electrocutioner. Will be able to take out armored enemies and destroy weapons with ease.

Electrocutioner tries to shock Batman. His suit completely insulates him. Electrocutioner screams "ARE YOU READY?" Electrocutioner will be voiced by Steve Blum.

Kirk Staley OCTOBER 13, 201312:37 AM
The unexpected new character will be….


The next character will be… "CRAZY QUILT," an audience member yells.
Eric: We will be bringing Walter White to the Arkham franchise.

There's a reason why Bane looks different in Arkham Origins. You'll find out how he changed in the story.

Arkham Origins takes place in Year 2.

The crowd has fallen silent. Major new announcement coming very soon!

Eric: There are over 100 guys and girls working on this game right now working on DLC.

Smith "literally got goosebumps" when he first heard Baker's Joker voice. "I think this guy has a future in this business!"

Smith: "My biggest talent is hand fart sounds."


He nails it! Sounds exactly like Mark. No, scratch that, it IS the Joker. His laugh gave me chills. The crowd bursts into a STANDING OVATION.

It's the monologue from when Gordon goes through Memory Lane.

Baker will now do the monologue from the end of the Killing Joke.

Thanks Troy!

Baker gives a shout out to Raul, our hearing impaired interpreter!

Baker: Catches up on trades on his iPad. Was recently reading Death of the Family and Year Three.

Baker on how he would race home and record each Animated Series episode: "Batman is Kevin Conroy. Okay, who's that? Joker is Mark Hammil. Not Luke Skywalker??"

Smith: "Spoiler alert: the way Batman talks to bad guys, I added a southern accent." Look out for that.

Question on how Eric cast Smith and Baker. Eric: "We knew we wanted to have a younger sound for these characters because it's a very formative time." "We went very wide and really put them through the ringer." Made sure the voice actors were able to capture every aspect of Batman and the Joker. He wanted to show that these voices could later become Conroy's Batman and Hammill's Joker.

Eric: "You know James Gordon and Batman are going to be friends."
Audience member: "WHAT?"
Smith: "You SPOILED the game!"

Smith: Originally thought the 75th anniversary meant Batman was actually going to be 75 years old.

Troy Baker goes on to explain how he will be paying homages to the great Joker actors before such as Heath Ledger and Mark Hammill.

Lucas: How do you keep on dealing with a character who has been around for 75 years?
Troy Baker: "People ask me what I'm going to bring to this character? 'Absolutely nothing.'"
Roger Craig Smith: "I wanted to do gooder and stuff." Crowd laughs.

Lucas compares Arkham series to Megaman. "Beat a boss, get his gadgets." Eric says the idea "is to keep it constantly fresh, constantly changing."

Q: "How do you balance Batman moments with gameplay necessities?" Eric: "We've tried to build off the models proven."

Set in the same universe as Arkham Origins, but focus on arcade gameplay. Will have cross platform synergy like Injustice. Players who play both games will be able to unlock Red Son Batman costume for console.

iOS first. Then will be released on Android.

Erin says this is absolutely different than the Injustice mobile game. "Very different gameplay. Light RPG elements. Suits are much more than a visual aesthetic. They influence the gameplay." Increased stats, different suits required for different missions.

Mobile trailer plays. Looks similar to Injustice mobile game. Batman Beyond costume looks straight out of the cartoon.

Aaron from NetherRealm announces that Batman Arkham Origins will be on mobile platforms.

Lucas Siegel editor of Newsarama is the moderator. Presents Creative Director Eric Holmes, Voice of Batman, Roger Craig Smith, new voice of the Joker, Troy Baker, and surprise guest, a producer from NetherRealm.

Batman drops a smokebomb to escape Gordon's cops. Firefly looks badass

Combat looks intense. Really building up Black Mask to be a huge threat.

New trailer for Arkham Origins plays. No audio. They restart it.

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