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Arkham Origins Is So Unwanted, Bundle Stars Can't Even Give It Away
Bundle Stars have put out a complete package for Batman: Arkham Origins at a historically low price Because no one wants Arkham Origins. Windows PC gamers can grab the Arkham Origins game plus all its DLC, for just $4.99 USD Under $5 dollars for a game that retailed for over $60 at launch, plus all its DLC content?[...]
Batman: Arkham Origins Director Heading To Work On DICE Game
Batman: Arkham Origins gets a really unfair wrap The story in that game was awesome and I really dug what they did with the characters I get it wasn't Rocksteady, but I thought Warner Brothers Montreal did a decent job on the franchise. Well, the game's creative director Eric Holmes has now shot off to DICE[...]
Batman: Arkham Knight Shows Off The Batmobile In New Trailer
It's been 1140 days since the last Rocksteady Batman game Arkham City, and we still have 183 until the newest and, presumably, final installment from the developer. Of course, Arkham Origins happened in the middle of all that, but I'm told most people don't look back on it favourably (I never got why It's a really[...]
Mr. Freeze Comes To Batman: Arkham Origins
Are you a fan of the Batman: Arkham Origins game? Well, the folks at the Batman Arkham facebook page has been teasing up a new story DLC with the following images. Now it's not hard to guess what's going on here Warner Bros Games Montreal announced more DLC (downloadable content) for the game and though some speculated[...]
Christmas Swag – From Valiant to Marvel Pyjamas
Our man Joe Glass has graced us with his voluminous Christmas swag all the way from Wales tonight… He details the contents as follows: Harbinger Volume 1 Archer & Armstrong Volume 1 Bloodshot Volume 1 Superman slanket Monsters University mug Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3 Bioshock: Infinite on PS3 Marvel Sleep pants Marvel wallet Marvel Weekend/Gym bag Joe[...]
DC and Madefire Team Up On Batman: Arkham Origins Motion Book App
DC Entertainment and Madefire announced today that they are developing a new iOS app featuring a motion-book graphic novel entitled Batman: Arkham Origins, A DC2 Multiverse Graphic Novel Last week, Madefire announced a partnership with Dark Horse comics to release a motion book of Hellboy in Hell with interactive features, and so right now the[...]
NYCC Arkham Origins Panel: Trailer, Year 2, And A Shocking Turn Of Events For Batman
[youtube][/youtube] Kirk Staley and Pete Sailer doing the play-by-play for the Arkham Origins liveblog: Last Question: "Can you sing a line as the voice of the Joker?" Hooooooooooooooooooooooly Moooooooooooley I can't liveblog that justice It was AWESOME! 5th Q: "What characters from the Batman Universe has an effect on you the most?" Baker[...]
The DC 3D Covers For Villains Month, In Video, Including 3D Batman Arkham Origins Ad
the DC Covers for the first week of Villains Month [youtube][/youtube] The Forever Evil #1 3D cover, one per store. [youtube][/youtube] The back cover of the Villains Month issues is also 3D, with an ad for Batman Arkham Origins, with the bad guys revealed in the shadows… [youtube][/youtube] Apparently the technology used is focussed on making the lenticular image thin, so[...]
Batman: Arkham Origins Panel – Copperhead, Black Mask… And Batgirl?
By Joseph Kyle Schmidt Beginning in earnest with a panel of critically acclaimed talent, the Batman: Arkham Origins panel revealed many secrets, hinted many developments, and provided entertainment for panelists and speakers alike. Victor Lucas of the Electric Playground introduced the fan-favorites, including WB Montreal's Creative Director Erik Holmes (Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction), Armature Studios' Creative Director[...]