Mondo Celebrates Halloween With Two Peanuts Prints Available Tomorrow

Mondo is continuing their Peanuts print series with two awesome prints of panels from the strips Halloween comics. Featuring the art of Charles Schulz himself, each print will be limited to only 150 copies and carry a price tag of $45. They will ship to those lucky few to get them in December. I can think of no better artwork to grace my walls than a spooky Peanuts print like this. My only complaint s that I probably will not be fast enough to grab these before they sell out. Both go on sale tomorrow at 11 AM CST on Mondo's The Drop sister site. Do me a favor and let me snag the "Let's Go" one before you all crash the site, okay? Check out both Peanuts prints below.

Mondo Needs To Do So Much More Peanuts

"As the icy tendrils of fear broaden their grip on mankind in the final days before Halloween, we've saved the most bloodthirsty, bone-chilling posters for last. That's right; lock up your parents… it's PEANUTS!!! To be fair, there are two Halloweens. One involves drunk co-workers quoting their favorite Netflix sitcom. The other is the Halloween of our youth, a collision of sugar and G-rated macabre, all nestled in our earliest adult-free forays into the big mysterious world.

Cartoonist Charles Schulz captured the latter like no one else ever had or will. He somehow maintained a direct conduit to bona fide child innocence throughout his entire career, a claim that could be made by few beyond Mr. Rogers and Dr. Seuss. And nowhere was Schulz's seemingly simple approach to reality better exemplified than in his Halloween strips. When we started our Peanuts series, it was truly a bucket list project. There are so many incredible strips to pull from; it's almost overwhelming. We have chosen two of Schulz's best panels inspired by his favorite holiday. We hope that our Peanuts Halloween collection brings you as much joy as we received, bringing them to life."

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