Preview: Empowered Special #7 – For GamerGaters And SJWs Alike


It is my guiltiest of pleasures. I may not be alone in that. Empowered by Adam Warren published by Dark Horse, the feminist cheesecake bondage comic, that aims to have its cake, eat it, then smear it all over its body inviting you to lick it off, as long as you have read The Female Eunuch first. It also happens to be one of the more inventive comics in terms of storytelling being published today, and as influenced by Appleseed as much as the Justice League.

And it's having another one of its "special" single issues, entitled Pew! Pew! Pew!, out on November 25th.

The laser blasts fly as costumed crime fighter Empowered battles a series of puzzlingly rage-fueled supervillains, each one armed with a bigger and more destructive "supergun" than the last. Ah, but might our long-suffering heroine's own buried resentments and repressed bitterness prove to be her deadliest foes? (SPOILER: Yes, pretty much.)

So, yes, there's a debate about gun control too. Here's one of those exclusive previews that we've read about…

empowpewp1 empowpewp2 empowpewp3 empowpewp4 empowpewp5 empowpewp6

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