Putting Sixth Gun In The Coffin And More Deadpool From Bunn

Sixth_Gun_splashIan Melton writes;

They are the men responsible for the Sixth Gun, Oni's bestselling independent monthly book, and all three, Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Bill Crabtree were at Rose City Comic-Con willing to talk about everything and anything.

I am here with Bleeding Cool and I was wondering if I could talk with you guys and ask some questions.

Brian Hurtt: Ask away, we might answer! (Looks down at the stack of Sixth Gun books to sign.) This is so cool! I love signing the monthlies!

Most of those Bill and Cullen already signed this year at Emerald City.

BH: God where was I? I was at the show I swear!

So what is the best part of doing Sixth Gun?

BH: Working with these guys (points to Bill Crabtree and Cullen Bunn). I mean when I get a script from Cullen it is such excitement to read it. I have to go and be alone to read it.

Do you print it out?

BH: I used to but now I go and read it on a tablet and process it before beginning drawing. And when I draw it just doesn't seem real to me until I start getting pages back from Bill. I feel even more excitement at that point because it's like what I drew is now "real", something that others can see and not just something I scribbled.

How long do you guys plan to do the series?

BH: Around 50 issues. Right?

Cullen Bunn: Right. We decided 50 was a good number.

Most it seems go for the Vertigo standard of about 60, but you guys have decided 50?

CB: Yeah, I mean we could do a bit more but 50 is the number we are shooting for?

Bill Crabtree: So I'll be employed till then?

(Brian and Cullen laugh.)

BC: Sometimes I wonder if you guys plan to include me and then other times I feel like I'll be chained down and never allowed to leave. (Laughs.)

But you guys all really enjoy working together?

BC: I sure think we do, I mean they always have me come sit with them at the cons.

(Brian and Cullen laugh again, and Charlie Chu the editor of Sixth Gun jumps in.)

Charlie Chu: One thing we really want to promote is the giant deluxe Sixth Gun Hardcover that will be coming out that we are taking orders for starting at New York City Comic Con. It will be in a coffin which opens up, and will be a bit bigger then the Absolute size. It will be a Sixth Gun fans dream!

And you'll start selling those at NYCC?

CC: No just taking pre-orders, but it will be out soon.

You guys looking forward to signing those?

BH: Yes, the dedicated fan will be hauling those around! But we like seeing the monthlies brought to be signed. I mean it means we can't sell you any trades, but the people that bring the stack of monthlies are the fans who are really supporting us and we love it.

Okay I've been asking every creator I talk to but lets start with Brian, what do you think fans know you most for?

BH: Uh … you mean work or like as a person?

Hadn't thought of it that way, but both answers would work. Most have answered with title or book they've worked on.

BH: Sixth Gun then, though a lot know me for the Damned and I still get asked to sign that a lot.

And among creators what are you best known for?

BH: Again same answer, though more a year or so ago would have said the Damned, because that was the work other creators really seemed to gravitate toward, though lots have read Sixth Gun now.

What about you Bill? Same answer?

BC: No not even close. Most fans known me for Invincible.

BH: Really?

BC: Yeah I still get so many that tell me they love my colors on Invincible and I haven't been on the book for over 50 issues now. They tell me they love my colors on issue I haven't even done (laughs) and I try to be real nice about it.

What about with creators?

BC: Sometimes Invincible, but more know me for Sixth Gun now; in fact I would say most creators know me for that.


CB: Most people know me for having the most distinctive hair in comics!

(Everyone laughs, and Cullen moves his bald head around.)

CB: No? I'm not known for being that shaved head comic book guy?

BH: No Jason Aaron beat you to that!

Or Grant Morrison.

CB: Fine… If we are talking comic book fans I'm best known for two books in particular, Sixth Gun being the main one, though I get a lot of Fearless Defenders fans now. I mean my Marvel work gets me lots of people asking for my autograph, but the Fearless Defenders fans are very dedicated. They really want to talk about the book, and they just love it.

You got a lot of Deadpool fans?

CB: Yes, that is probably the third thing I get asked to sign the most. I even got a compliment from Rob Liefeld that he loved Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

Will you doing more Deadpool?

CB: Yes, but it hasn't been announced yet or in what form. The Deadpool Killogy has kind of been like Deadpool's other monthly for a while now and fans really seem to like it so I will be writing more Deadpool, but in what form I can't say.

What about Venom? Will you be writing Venom when it is brought back?

CB: I know what is going to happen with Venom, but I will not be involved in those plans.

Will it all happen in Superior Spider-Man or a new monthly?

CB: I'm not sure to be completely honest. You'll find out when I do probably.

Okay but getting back to the last question, what do most comic book creators know you for?

CB: Boy, creation wise probably Sixth Gun and the Damned. I mean those two books really were what others have read and led to the work I do now.

And you guys are making plans for what to do after Sixth Gun is done.

BH: We'll be working together I'm sure. I'm just really happy with Sixth Gun and will be very happy when it is done, not that I want it to end, but to have this massive work that we did together that can't be touched.

Right, no one can go back and retcon anything in it since it is your work.

BH: I think I know what that term means (laughs). But yes, I mean it will be a complete work that people can enjoy from beginning to the end and we are just really proud of it.

Last question, will you guys be at Emerald City with this big Coffin hardcover your editor was talking about?

BH: I hope it isn't sold out by then … though that would be cool! But yeah I can't see any reason we wouldn't be we love that con.

CB: Yeah, it's a great con and we just love to be there.

Great! Thanks for your time today guys, really appreciate it!

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