Sixth Gun

Shadow Roads #1 cover by A. C. Zamudio and Carlos Nicolas Zamudio

Shadow Roads #1 Review: An Intriguing Start for This Sci-Fi Western

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A young Native American named Henry Grey and his friend, Barry, explore a British museum with an extensive, yet still racist, exhibit on Native American culture. Henry is dissatisfied and feels that he knows nothing more about his heritage, but a strange man appears and gives him a strange knife. In America, a […]

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt Reunite for Shadow Roads: Oni Press June 2018 Solicits

The Sixth Gun team of Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt reunite for Shadow Roads, Rick and Morty invite you to enter the world of Krombopulous Michael, and Kaijumax Season 4 begins! All of this and more comes courtesy of Oni Press this June. Full details below.   APR181666 SHADOW ROADS #1 (W) Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt (A) A.C. Zamudio, Carlos Zamudio (CA) Carlos Zamudio, A.C. […]

Watch Out for Pizzasaurus Rex, Letter 44 Deluxe Edition: Oni Press May 2018 Solicits

Beware the totally radical Pizzasaurus Rex from creator Justin Wagner. Re-enter Letter 44 with a deluxe edition release. Look out for Made Men Vol. 1. All of this and more can be found in the Oni Press May 2018 solicits. Details below. MAR181793 MADE MEN TP VOL 01 GETTING GANG BACK TOGETHER (W) Paul Tobin (A/CA) Arjuna Susini When Jutte Shelley and […]

Pinnacle Entertainment Shoots The Sixth Gun Through Kickstarter

By Christopher Helton As we've reported already, The Sixth Gun comic from creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, and published by Oni Press is going to be made into a tabletop roleplaying game. Coming from Pinnacle Entertainment, the Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game will use the popular and award winning Savage Worlds game. Last year at […]

Thirteen New Oni Comics Over The Next Year – The Life After, I Was The Cat, The People Inside, Sixth Gun, Meteor Man, Mermim Book, Stumptown, Brides Of Helheim, Hellbreak, Ciudad, Orphan Blade, Junior Braves Of The Apocalypse, Ares & Aphrodite

Yesterday Bleeding Cool ran news of a new comic from Oni Press. LIttle did I know they were going to add another twelve tomorrow. Including a thematic sequel to one of my favourite graphic novels of late, One Soul by Ray Fawkes. Here's what's coming from the publisher over the next twelve months and more. […]

Putting Sixth Gun In The Coffin And More Deadpool From Bunn

Ian Melton writes; They are the men responsible for the Sixth Gun, Oni's bestselling independent monthly book, and all three, Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Bill Crabtree were at Rose City Comic-Con willing to talk about everything and anything. I am here with Bleeding Cool and I was wondering if I could talk with you […]

Cullen Bunn And Brian Hurtt On The Lack Of A Sixth Gun TV Series

So, NBC haven't picked up The Sixth Gun as a TV show. But it is still available as a really decent comic book. And you never know, one day the pilot script may leak onto the internet. Here's what the comic's creators, and those around them had to say… The crummy news: NBC did not […]

Grace Randolph's Stacktastic: Comic To Pilot

[youtube][/youtube] Think About The Ink reports; The Sixth Gun and SHIELD are both ordered to pilot, but will they survive as TV shows in 2013? Host Grace Randolph, from Beyond The Trailer, talks about The Sixth Gun from Oni Press going to NBC and Disney / ABC moving ahead with the SHIELD TV pilot under […]

Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Today's Comics – Superman, No Place Like Home, All Star Western, Wolverine And The X-Men, Teen Titans, Sixth Gun, Rasl, Justice League Dark, Flash, Dark Knight, Mondo, Prophet, Mighty Thor, Aquaman, I Vampire And Fantastic Four

Let me give them a plug at the top for a change. Today's comics, as ever, come courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. And here are sixteen thoughts about sixteen comics published today. There may be some spoilers but I'll attempt to avoid the big ones. Remember that issue of Uncanny X-Men from wayback where […]