Thor as a Horror Comic and Other Quick Hits from the Marvel Next Big Thing Panel at #C2E2 –

Quick Hits from the Marvel Next Big Thing Panel at C2E2

The big announcements from this panel have already appeared as separate posts on Bleeding Cool elsewhere, so let's just go through some quick hits from the panel. The panel was hosted by C.B. Cebulski, and featured Tom Brevoort, Donny Cates, Al Ewing, Nick Spencer, and Skottie Young.

Quick Hits from the Marvel Next Big Thing Panel at C2E2

Immortal Hulk – Ewing said that Immortal Hulk #33 is actually Hulk #750 in the legacy numbering. (Writer's note: I'll let someone else check out that reasoning.) He said that the issue will be filled with body horror. Issue #34 is the return of the Leader and details the Leader's relationship with the green door. Covers were shown for issues #35 and #36. The cover to #35 shows a happy scene and the cover to #36 shows the Hulk covered in blood. Ewing said that issue was horrible and heartbreaking. Cebulski asked if Ewing gives Alex Ross detailed notes on the covers. Ewing said that he only gives him rough notes, and the process of giving the notes is when Ewing finalizes what the issue is really about. The cover to issue #37 shows the thing in the jeep finally escaping the jeep.

Quick Hits from the Marvel Next Big Thing Panel at C2E2

Thor – Cates said Thor learns being the King of Asgard is terrible, which leads to him becoming the heral of Galactus. Cates said he according to Marvel lore that, Galactus is the lone survivor of the universe before this version, and that the thing that killed that version of the universe is back and out to kill Galactus. This first arc, which Cates referred to as the Bible for his run on Thor, has Thor and Galactus going around the galaxy killing planets to get Galactus strong  enough to fight this thing from the past.

Cates says artist Nic Klein is the best and that he turns in layouts that are all but penciled and fully lettered. He added that Mjolnir is getting heavier and that something is broken with fate, but none of us will see what is coming.

Black Panther – As discussed in another post, Ta-Nehisi Coates' last issue of the book will be issue #25. Covers were shown for #23, #24, and #25, with #24 having what appeared to be a symbiote.

Strange Academy – Young said the book was set in New Orleans because of the city's history of magic. He loved that Humberto Ramos was bringing his talent for drawing young characters to the book, which features new characters with ties to existing characters. He added that Marvel has had coming of age books for mutants, for avengers, the Runaways, but nothing specifically for magic characters. Young said the book begins with a new character asking Doctor Strange for help with her powers. He added that at end of the day, comics creators were outsiders just like these new characters searching for their place and that is why comics speak so deeply to so many creators. The panelists all talked about how excited they have been hearing about the book at Marvel retreats.

Quick Hits from the Marvel Next Big Thing Panel at C2E2

Amazing Spider-Man – Spencer said that the number one question he gets is who is Kindred, and said that the question people really should be asking is what does Kindred want. He said Kindred and Spidery will finally be face to face in issue #44, after which the return of the Sin Eater arc begins. Spencer said the return of the Sin Eater will force Peter into making impossible choices, and the choice he makes at the end of issue #47 will have everyone talking. All is being build up to what Spencer referred to as Amazing Spider-Man #850 (a return to legacy numbering that hasn't been announced or this writer mis-hearing something?)

Venom – Cates said that he has been made fun of for having so many Venom plans, and that the upcoming issue #25 is the end of one phase and the beginning of a new one. The next phase starts with the introduction of Virus, a brand new character who may or may not have a history with Eddie Brock that we as readers may or may not be aware of. Virus will first appear in the Venom FCBD book. The new arc, Venom Beyond, will feature the Maker, who has figured out that if you are wearing a syndicate you can use it to go through the bleed to other dimensions. Cates teased that the Maker may have some 'Ultimate' plans.

Quick Hits from the Marvel Next Big Thing Panel at C2E2

Guardians of the Galaxy – Ewing said the fall out of issue two is still spilling out and the book will briefly be guardians versus guardians, or as Ewing said the Guardians of the Galaxy versus the West (Space) Coast Guardians. The book introduces a new character named that Prince of Power that Hercules will be having words with.

Quick Hits from the Marvel Next Big Thing Panel at C2E2

Ultraman – Kyle Higgins was called to the stage and more details were revealed about Marvel's upcoming Ultraman series. The book was described as being everything you love about super heroes with fantastic allegories and giant monsters fighting 100 foot ultras. The first arc of the book will will explain and introduce the characters. Brevoort called the book high octane action that meshes meshing the style of Japanese movies and Marvel comics and that a preview will be coming soon.

Audience Question Lightning Round:

"Are you designing any of the new characters for Ramos to draw in Strange Academy?" Young: "Humberto Ramos has been one of my heroes since high school, and it is blowing my mind that he is drawing my words. I wouldn't think to give him designs."

"Do Thor's actions as Galactus' herald have an impact throughout Marvel?" Cates: "Those actions are felt immediately in the second arc, which is primarily a horror arc."

"Will the new characters in Strange Academy appear in Outlawed?" Young: "We've been given the time to let the book develop its footing before the characters start appearing outside of the book." He added that these characters aren't known to the larger Marvel universe yet, but that they will be weaving existing Marvel characters in and out of the book if they fit the story and not just to make them appear.

"Is there a possibility for weirder characters like Howard the Duck or Forbush Man to return?" Brevoort said there is always a possibility for characters from the past to return, with Ewing adding that he just got approval to use a particularly obscure character for an upcoming book, but declining to get more specific than that.

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